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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC Review

Ok so here we go with Activisions' 8th instalment of the Call of Duty franchise, this time with the best people for the job back at the helm in the form of Infinity Ward. I state 8th instalment as it literally is the 8th game to appear from the Call of Duty (or from now on in CoD) franchise womb.

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 PC Review

Here we are with Tom Clancy's part prequel/part sequel to the rather good Rainbow Six: Vegas, imaginatively titled Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and before I begin with the proceedings, may I take this opportunity to say that this game may be one of the finest pieces of digital entertainment I have had the pleasure of playing.


Beijing 2008 PS3 Review

Well it's been a long while since a true Olympic Games title was bestowed upon the gaming world, where man or woman must delve deep into the core of their soul in order to strive for that coveted gold medal. But here are Eurocom and SEGA ready to carry that torch on forwards in the form of Beijing 2008. By the way, there's no way I am classing Mario & Sonic as a true Olympic title.

Fable II Xbox 360 Review

Its hard to define fable into a certain genre, if I was to place it I would place it in the grey area between an action adventure and a role-playing game. Fable 2 draws on both the good elements of these two genres, there’s a good level of action to draw your attention and there’s enough role-playing elements to retain it.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Nintendo DS Review

When two big names come together to create a game, it can either be a hidden gem or just a pile of wasted ideas. This was my original thought when I was putting Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood into my DS and booting it up. As most of you will know, Sega is the founder of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Life is complicated. I've killed people, smuggled people, sold people.

George of the Jungle and the Search for the Secret Wii Review

George, George
George of the Jungle,
Friend to you and me.

Watch out for that tree.

Ok here we are with the adaptation of the cartoon series that aired on NickToons during last year, forgive me if this is still currently running but in all honesty NickToons can go suck a nut since the cancellation of Ren & Stimpy.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

Right troops, time to dust off your tin hats and tommy guns as we're off to World War 2........again.

Wii Sports Wii Review

Right, here we are with the Wii launch title of Wii Sports and my first impressions of the experience were ones along the lines of, WTF how bloody simple is this? Which then ranged to, bloody hell how long have I been playing this? Quite simply this game, or technically pack of 5 games, is so intuitive and easy to pick up and play it can be extremely addictive.

Samba De Amigo Wii Review

While rhythm isn’t one of my strong talents, I have always enjoyed the fun that can be had with playing any rhythm based games. What's even more fun is watching other people make complete fools of themselves and samba de amigo doesn’t disappoint.

Do videogames cause violent behavior?

Do videogames cause violent behavior?
In 8th or 9th grade, ages ago it seems, I wrote a paper on videogames and whether or not they cause violent behaviour. Do violent games really make us more aggressive?

The scariest games... Ever

With Halloween just around the corner we take the chance to look over some of gaming's seriously scary titles. These are the ones that had you hiding behind the sofa, leaving the landing light on and having to go and grab a clean pair of underwear. Enjoy...

Resident Evil

History of Silent Hill

Silent Hill is widely regarded as one of the most terrifying games ever and with very good reason. Whereas other survival games focused on shock moments, established horror conventions and clichéd characters, Silent Hill took a different approach. This was a horror game where every pixel was imbued with malevolence and as such remains a chilling experience.

Interview with Zombie panic source creators

Zombie Panic Source is a free mod built using the Source engine, which offers players the chance to try and either survive a zombie outbreak or to prevent others from doing so. The game has recently been released using Steam's new mod support system which makes it even easier to download and update.

Preview of Siren: Blood Curse

The Forbidden Siren series was one of the unsung survival horror games of the last generation. Developed by some of the team behind the original Silent Hill, the game was a terrifying experience which introduced new ideas to the survival horror genre.

GameOn Magazine Issue 4 : Halloween Special

The magazine team have been rushed off there feet this month as we have pushed out the magazine a lot earlier to fall in line with Halloween.

We hope you enjoy the Halloween special !!!!
Please note: you can subscribe to the magazine and get an monthly email when the next issue is out

Issue 4 : November 2008 

Games Released on Friday 31st October (UK)

Tomorrow is Halloween, but I have my fingers crossed that there will be a torrential blizzard, or just perhaps all those pesky Trick or Treaters' will be stuck indoors enjoying one of a range of games released this Friday. Read more to find out what tricks, treats and post-nuclear apocalypses are released this Friday.


In a class of its own – World of Warcraft hits 11 million subscribers

Blizzard has announced that the MMORPG World of Warcraft truly is massive, with the subscription count surpassing 11 million - that's nearly the entire population of Greece. This news comes as the game's second expansion - Wraith of the Lich King - nears completion for its 11th of November release date.

Saints Row 2 Box Art.jpg

Saints Row 2 Xbox 360 Review

Saints Row, when it was released back in 2006, never really appealed to me as a game. I had heard that it was just trying to be GTA with a bit of gang killing thrown in. After playing Saints Row 2, my opinion somewhat changed.
Spore Box Art.jpg

Spore PC Review

"Ready to take your own species on an epic journey of evolution from cellular creature to galactic god? The galaxy is yours. Let's get started."

If you know of the video game phenomenon, 'The Sims', you may or may not know that their creators were Maxis. They haven't really had much success next to their name apart from 'SimCity' or the ever popular 'The Sims' series, so they thought they could astound the globe with a brand new and original title in the form of Spore.


PES 2008 Wii.jpg

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Wii Review

The Pro Evolution franchise has been going for some time now but has never really been established as the superior football game behind Fifa. Although it brings better gameplay, more forms of play, and maybe even better looking when it comes to graphics in the PC and PS3 versions, it still seems that the licensing that Fifa has overrules each and every good aspect that Pro Evo has to offer for the majority population. When I found out that there was going to be a Pro Evolution game on the Nintendo Wii I thought that would either be as rubbish to play as it's Fifa counterpart which was created, or far superior to it. I don't know why I ever doubted the idea.


Dracula Origin Box Art.jpg

Dracula Origin PC Review

Let’s start off with a little synopsis. You play the role of Professor Van Helsing who is on a quest to kill the infamous Dracula. But this is no mindless killing; he does have a purpose in wanting to do so. Dracula is in search of a certain document (a manuscript to be correct) that will inevitably be able to bring damned souls back to life. But Dracula doesn’t want to bring a “random” damned soul back to life, he wishes to bring back the woman that he loved. He believes that Van Helsing’s friend Mina would be the perfect body to host this retched soul. And now for an evil laugh… Muhahahahahahahahaha.


No More Heroes Box Art.jpg

No More Heroes Wii Review

The game title, of which many of you may never have heard of, has not much of a relevance to the game itself. It was created by Suda51 who also created Killer 7, so you can expect the same strange way of playing and off track storyline. You play as "Travis Touchdown", a noobie assassin who finds himself 11th on the United Assassins Association's League of hit men after assassinating someone to get some more money in his pocket. From this point on he is forced to climb his way right to the top, fighting each individual assassin above him one by one to eventually claim the number one spot.


Mario Kart Box Art.jpg

Mario Kart:Wii Wii Review

What can I say? It's immense. The hotly anticipated game is here and is living high above the hype it started getting way before it's release. There is just no place where I can start off telling how good this is, but here goes nothing.

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