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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky

Having already sold over 2 million copies worldwide, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky has clearly demonstrated the success of the original's reputation, with the pun clearly intended. But with two game fixing patches released in as many weeks, what can be said about the actual quality of this stand-alone prequel compared to the original Shadow of Chernobyl?



Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron PSP Review

As you would expect in most games, the title says it all and this is no exception.

This is the 3rd Star Wars game in the Battlefront series and most things haven’t changed that much since the first. Same control and game play with the improvements of the second and more to boot.


Burnout Legends PSP Review

Burnout: Legends takes the best of the previous Burnout games and melts them into one superb, addictive game. In this version you get to race the traditional ‘Circuit Racing’ and ‘Time Attack’ modes but with the addition of other modes like ‘Crash’, ‘Eliminator’ Racing, ‘Face-Off’, ‘Road Rage’ and ‘Pursuit’ (both available in ‘World Tour’ and 'Single Event' modes).

PSP Cover Page.jpg

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures PSP Review

Even if your not a fan you’ve defiantly heard of Indiana Jones, cracking his whip and defeating the bad guys just to get the treasure. For those that are fans of the films then this will be a real treat as "LEGO: Indiana Jones – The Original Adventures" puts you in the driving seat.

Hellgate : London Servers to Close Down

Due to the closure of developing house Flagship Studios, The online RPG-FPS hybrid Hellgate : London's online servers will be shutdown in early 2009. The following brief statement was issued :


LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

I know what you are thinking … “Oh no, not another Star Wars game!!”

Now hold your horses and give me a chance to explain …

Yes, this is yet another Star Wars game that’s based on the original trilogy films from George Lucas. But before you start flicking through the other reviews, give me 5 minutes and I’ll explain why this version is different from the rest.

Trackmania United Forever Star Edition PC Review

I have a great eagerness to share with you Trackmania United Forever, or condensed to TMUF to save a mouthful. But first I have to recommend taking a quick read of our Trackmania Nations Forever (TMNF) review. TMNF, a free 500mb download, is in essence a cut down edition of the full game. Not only will this help you decide if the general feel of the game is right for you, but it will also save my poor withered fingers from doing an overkill of typing. Right then, without further ado let's find out how this, the ultimate Trackmania, manages to prove itself in the big wide world of racing games.


Trackmania Nations Forever PC Review

Prior to mentioning anything else about the premise of this game, let me draw your attention to the fact this game is completely free. Trackmania Nations Forever, or TMNF for short, could be described as one huge "demo" for its commercial bigger brother, Trackmania United Forever, TMUF. But to call it a demo would be extremely unfair. Within the freely available 500mb download is what could easily be described as a full game, with an entertainment value millions of players have already experienced.

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe

The first in what has now become a highly successful "casual" range by PopCap, Bejeweled is a straightforward puzzle game. That was nearly seven years ago, and since then there has been numerous variants of the "match 3" concept, including its sequel, the cunningly named Bejeweled 2.


Photos from the MCM EXPO show hosted at ExCeL London

GameOn covered another MCM Expo event
This time it was in ExCeL in London

Games fans set new Cosplay World Record

As part of the London Games Festival, visitors to the London MCM Expo today set a new World Record for "Largest gathering of people dressed as video games characters" with a total of 342, beating the previous record of 337 set last month in Germany. In order to count towards the record, the characters had to have appeared in a video games before any other media.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (GOTY)

Released back in 2006, Oblivion was a huge success. Two years down the road and we've got a 2-disc Game of the Year Edition (GOTY). This pack includes the original masterpiece, in addition to the Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles expansions. But how well does this first person RPG play after so long?



Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PSP Review

If you’ve been hiding under a rock in a galaxy far far away, or blanking out when those pesky TV adverts have been on (I’ve been known to do that sometimes), then you’ll not know about the latest Star Wars game from Lucas Arts.

PDC World Championship Darts 2008

Maybe there's a reason that darts has been a staple among the pub going community and not amongst the darkened rooms of seasoned gamers. Maybe there's a reason that there aren't too many darts video games. Finally, maybe there's a reason that Oxygen decided after the bashing that the Wii version of this game received, they should grace other consoles with its presence.

Games Released on Friday 24th October (UK)

The 24th is payday for many, and for this week at least, several will spend some of it on much awaited games. Read-on to find out what interesting releases are flying into the UK this week.


New Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP firmware released

There have been some big and exciting changes today, with new firmware updates released for the Wii and PSP. Ok, that is stretching the truth somewhat. Wii Points are now called Nintendo Points, while the Wii Shop sees some minor changes. PSP update 5.01 meanwhile sees a bug fix regarding larger-sized Memory Stick PRO duos. That is all!

World of Warcraft left for the dead

With second expansion World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King going live on November 13th, a zombie plague has struck the world of Azeroth. It is rumoured that the plague originates from infected crates in the neutral faction city of Booty Bay; with the plague turning you into a zombie should you open one. What's more is that you can spread the infection by attacking other people.

Lucasarts and Bioware Announce StarWars MMO

Earlier today the announcement was made that many have been waiting for, a new Star Wars MMORPG is on the horizon and will be published and developed by Lucasarts and Bioware.

PSP-3000 sales hit the 140k mark in first four days in Japan

The PSP-3000

If you're yet to read our Sony PSP article, now would be a good time to catch up, as the third generation PlayStation Portable has taken Japan by storm, shifting 141,000 units in its first four days of release. This brings the total number of PSP's sold in Japan to a more respectable 10.3 million.

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