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F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Preview

While wandering the vast expanse of the Leipzig games convention I stumbled across a little booth guarded by two catalogue models pretending to be hard men dressed in some sort of PMC regalia. The reason: that the booth contained content only suitable for those over the age of 18.   

Xbox 360 leads over PS3 in Japan and US, Wii and DS trounces both

Following a similar trend to the UK console sales I reported on a couple of weeks back, console sales in the US and Japan have also increased over the past month, with the Nintendo Wii still sailing ahead of the Xbox 360, which itself is still increasing it's minority lead on the PS3.


Seeing red – Microsoft face lawsuit over Xbox failures

Nobody wants to see the RRODIf you own an Xbox 360 you may have experienced or at least heard of the Red Rings of Death (RROD), which has plagued the console with technical problems since its 2005 release.

EA to ‘kill’ off games of poor quality

After the development of Command and Conquer FPS Tiberium was terminated two weeks ago, the top man at EA Games has said that more could follow should they not reach the required quality.

Portal coming to Xbox Live Arcade, San Andreas to hit Xbox Originals

It has been announced that Portal: Still Alive will be teleporting to Xbox Live Arcade on the 22nd of October, while Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be coming to Xbox Originals on the 20th of October. Each will cost 1200 Microsoft Points, which roughly equates to £10/$14.


Left 4 Dead - Available 4 Preorder

Left 4 Dead logo

Upcoming co-operative zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, due to be released in just over a month, is now available for preorder via Steam.

3rd Issue of GameOn's free gaming magazine

3rd Issue of the GameOn magazine

GameOn Mag         GameOn mag

A Firm Change - Sony announces latest firmware

It's that exciting time of the year again: a new firmware update for your PlayStation 3 is on the horizon. There's no release date quite yet, but there's still lots of new features promised for firmware v2.50. As usual it's all free of charge. Read more to view the full list of features:


Unaffected by Crunchy Apples – PS3 price to remain untouched

The price of the PlayStation 3 is to remain the same over the Christmas period, regardless of the "credit crunch". Apart from supplying a possible quote of the week, Kaz Harai, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, is remaining rather stern over the position of the third generation PlayStation.


Half-Life 10 years on

It is hard to believe that Half Life was released almost 10 years ago. In the decade that has passed it has influenced countless games and even today its' impact is far reaching. The game created a unique atmosphere and style supported by a gripping story, ground-breaking technology and unparalleled gameplay.


The Sony PSP

Almost all of you out there have at least heard of Sony and its PlayStation franchise, and many have heard of the Play Station Portable, more commonly known as the PSP. What you may not know is this little bundle of technology is on its 3rd generation.

Where did the line go

I was sitting with a friend a couple of days ago, we were talking about the new game releases and how magnificent the technology of game making has advanced through the decades. Suddenly he struck me with a question that I did not see coming.

Round up of the Tokyo Game Show Part 2 of 2

It's been a surprisingly slow news day today despite the Tokyo Game Show taking place in Japan - no doubt thanks to the fact it's the weekend. But a promise is a promise; click "read more" to have a quick glance at the day's key news headlines.


(Click the headline to see the expanded news story)

The New Xbox Experience to take up 128mb of my space

Those without broadband, or those who opted out of getting a hard drive for their Xbox, should enter ignorance mode, now. The controversial New Xbox Experience (NXE) will be a 128mb download, with a hard drive being required to get the "optimal experience".

Starcraft 2 to become 3 and 4

Blizzard announced today that the highly anticipated Starcraft 2 is to be released as a trilogy. All three games will have the same multiplayer and skirmish modes with all the three factions, but each will have a different campaign based on one of the aforementioned factions. The reasons for doing so are apparently to maintain the quality of the game, and to avoid delaying the release.

THQ pick up the 50 Cents

One of the games dropped by Activision when they merged with Vivendi has found a new publisher, but unfortunately it's the sequel to the dire 50 Cent: Bulletproof. This does at least give us hope that the more promising games dropped, such as Ghostbusters and Brutal Legend, also find a publisher and can be released.

Taste before you buy - Left 4 Dead to get a demo

The highly anticipated zombie-based cooperative shooter Left 4 Dead, which is being developed by Valve, will have a playable demo released on the PC and Xbox 360 before its November 21st release. This is just one element of a whopping $10 million (£6m) advertising campaign, which seems an awful lot of money considering the unprecedented fame Valve's games have.

Fable 2 could have co-op ready for release

Having gone gold on September 22nd, the lucrative sounding co-op of Fable 2 was not ready, and was due to be released as a patch around a week after launch. However, those workaholic developers at Lionhead have announced that this patch should be ready for the games October 24th release date.

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