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Xbox Live Arcade retrofits

Following a summer of original arcade treats, a whole new batch of Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) retro games has been announced. This list includes Space Invaders Extreme, Arkanoid Live, Meteos Wars, King of Fighters Ultimate 98, Metal Type 7 and R-Type.

No More Heroes to get a heroic sequel

The rather peculiar Wii "slash-em-up", No More Heroes, is to get a sequel.

Halo 3: Recon sighted on the horizon

Details on the stand-alone prequel to Halo 3 have been announced, including a "Fall 2009" release date. Halo 3: Recon will see you take control of a new protagonist in the new single player campaign, in addition to several new maps for the multiplayer modes.

First PES 09 Wii details scored

It has been announced that Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 on the Nintendo Wii will feature "new AI, more control and modes galore", while retaining the same intuitive "point and click" controls of PES 08. This is while improved AI, co-operative play and the online mode are the big focus points for the Spring 2009 release.

Gears of War goes Gold

Gears of War 2 is probably still going to be a shiny monotone grey colour, but the game's development has at least gone gold. This means that all work on the game has finished, just in time for its November 5th release. The original Gears of War didn't just sell 5 million copies worldwide, but was a critically acclaimed success.

Steam adds Football Manager to its starting line up

Football Manager 2009 will, for the first time in its series history, be available to download on Steam. This means that you can pre-purchase and download the game in time for the 14th of November release date, which is in addition to the fact you will be able to use Steam's automatic update service. A demo of the game is also expected on Steam a few weeks prior to release.

Gender equality

Not too long ago, a guy revealed in a forum how his mother had entered the room once while he was playing a PC game. She stood and watched for a while, then commented on the fact that most game heroes are men. "Where are all the women?" she asked, annoyed by the morals games were teaching her kids.

Wii Fit The Experiment

Wii Fit Two Month Exercise Experiment

Stop Copying Mii - Xbox 360 Dashboard Release Date

The new look Xbox Dashboard has now got an official release date annouced by Microsoft themselves.  Go on, I know you want to find out when;  click Read More to be in grasp of this knowledge.


The somewhat controversial new system layout and gaming experience that Microsoft unveiled a couple months back, has now got an official release date.

Games Released on Friday 10th October (Europe)

We all love that Friday feeling, but it's made that little bit sweeter when a game which you have been eagerly awaiting is finally released. Read on to see what's released on Friday 10th October.


Portal: Prelude : a new story for portal : Download links

This is unofficial add on to Portal.
With a whole new story line Portal: Prelude should extend the life of your Portal Game.

Download Links below

It’s no Conspiracy – Area 51 is now Available as a Free Download

We've already featured the free PC games Full Spectrum Warrior and The Suffering in this week's news, but what if you're still not satisfied? Well I'm rather delighted to announced that Area 51 is also now available to download free of charge.

Xbox 360 to get exclusive DLC episodes for Tomb Raider: Underworld

In what can only be described as another notch on Microsoft's chalk board, the Xbox 360 will see two exclusive episodes of downloadable content for the upcoming Tomb Raider game, Underworld.

The two episodes titled "Beneath The Ashes" and "Lara's Shadow" offer up to another six hours of gameplay between them.

Manhunt 2 to hit the UK this Halloween

Having been out in North America for a whole year, the extremely violent and controversial Manhunt 2 has finally been given a UK release date of October 31st. 

EA Games Cancels Tiberium

Tiberium, the tactical squad based shooter set in the Command & Conquer universe, has been cancelled by EA Games. The game had been in development for well over two years, but it was announced that Tiberium "was not on track to meet the high quality standards set by the team and by the EA Games Label".

Nintendo Announce the DS-i

The first details of the all new DS-i have been announced at Nintendo's Tokyo conference. The all new DS now caters for more than just gaming needs, with something for everyone with the ever popular handheld console.


TrackMania StarTrack Contest Revealed

TrackMania StarTrack Contest

TrackMania StarTrack Contest Logo

Nadeo, the creators of the racing game TrackMania, have announced a large community event on their website: the TrackMania StarTrack Contest. 

Steam announced 5 free mods to be released through steam platform

Last week Steam announced they will be looking at releasing 5 mods through steam which will be fully supported.
You will be able to download these games with much more ease and of course free of charge.
While these games can normally be downloaded for free you have to hunt them down, find the web sites and work out which patch you need.

Download The Suffering - For Free (PC game)

Midway now freely offers the PC edition of The Suffering, Surreal Software's survival/horror game set in a penitentiary that is currently being adapted into a feature film. The free version of the [M]ature-rated game is supported by advertising, and a 1.3 GB download.

Grab the full release below:

50% of rockstar games this weekend on steam

Steam are running a 50% off this weekend on Rockstar games
10 games for $35 + tax (works out around £23)

Rock Star Collection $35

GTA Collection $22

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