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New Golden Axe: Beast Rider Screenshots

Another handfull of screenshots have been released for Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Golden Axe was one of the most popular games on the mega drive in its day, the new Golden Axe game sees a return of Tyris Flare (female amazon warrior).
Graphics look stunning, we can see a lot of old school fans waiting for this release as well as the new ones.

Good Old Games - First Look

Upcoming digital distribution platform Good Old Games has opened its doors to users that have signed up for the Early Access Beta program. Users who signed up prior to the opening of the beta are entitled to are free game from Interplay's back catalogue when they make their first purchase.

New photo and screenshot gallery ready

The new album system is now complete
You may of seen it already if you looked at the photos from GC

Had some small issues (well large ones) which needed to be sorted out 1st
Now they have been sorted i can now start enabling it.

Whats better about the new system?
Well it has lots of features you may not of noticed

Link to the full system
Link to LAN photos
Link to Game Gallery 

GameOn LAN #75 Bookings now open 10 years of LANNING

Bookings are now open for the GameOn LAN #75

Date : 7th to 9th November 2008
Price : £45 for the weekend (£10 early payment discount)
Location : Uttoxeter Race Course


LAN details
Book Now

GameOn's Issue 2 free gaming magazine

This is the second issue of the GameOn magazine

Issue 2 

GameOn Mag                    GameOn mag

Introducing the new games-on-demand platform with all-time classics

Who are you guys?

Everyone at GOG.com is a gamer, just like you. We’ve combined our real-life love for classic games with the amazing virtual world of the intarnets to bring some of our favorite games to your PC, with nothing – except maybe our budget – holding us back from conquering the world through gaming

This Weekend Only: All iD Games on Steam Half Price

This weekend, Steam have the iD software range available at half the usual asking price. But it doesn't stop there, this also includes the massive iD Super Pack, containing just about every iD title available on Steam for a miniscule price of $34.99 (roughly equating to £23 - 24 for the UK buyers)

Preview of Upcoming PC FPS: Shattered Horizon

Man is back on the Moon and the companies that took him there are reaping huge profits. Their greed soon leads to the largest mining accident in history, when overexploitation of a risky new technique called Incite Mining leads to a catastrophe of unprecedented scale.
Motion Plus.jpg

Wii Motion: A move into a new Direction

This year's E3 was a hit and miss affair with regards to Nintendo. But one of the highlights of their time there was the reveal of a brand new exciting aid into the unique gaming experience you get when playing the Nintendo Wii. It came in the shape of the MotionPlus adapter.

Download Red Alert for free!

Today, August 31st, 2008 marks the 13th anniversary of the storied Command & Conquer franchise, which has sold over 25 million copies to date. And to celebrate this milestone and this October's highly anticipated return to the world of Red Alert with Red Alert 3, we are giving away one of the original games that started it all, Command & Conquer Red Alert, for FREE.

This Weekend Only: Portal for only $9.99

Portal PC CoverPortal is available from Steam this weekend for half its original price.

Devil May Cry 4 on PS3 for £14.99

DMC4 PS3 Cover

Pick up a brand new copy of Devil May Cry 4 on PS3 for £14.99 from Gamestation as part of their 'Deal of the Week'

GameOn back from Leipzig in Germany

GameOn have now got back from the Games Convention in Germany.
The show was awesome with so much going on.
Open to the press and public (separate areas)

GameOn has plenty of exclusive previews of some of the new games coming out as well as some fantastic interviews + photos and video footage of the event.

This Weekend Only: Audiosurf for $4.99

Audiosurf is available on Steam this weekend for half its normal asking price.

$4.99 instead of $9.99, should work out about £3. Brilliant price for a brilliant game.

Offer expires: Monday August 25th.

You can find more information here

TF2 Heavy Update: Day 5 - Arena Mode

TF2 creators Valve Software have announced details of the latest addition in the upcoming Heavy Update - Arena Mode

Team Fortress 2 Update : Sasha now has a friend Natascha

The Heavy's second unlockable, Natascha, slows enemies with her bullets. Anyone damaged by her will move slower for an instant, encouraging them to find cover or turn and face the Heavy, mano-a-tiny-itty-bitty-mano. Unfortunately, Natascha is slightly weaker than Sasha, so she takes longer to finish off a victim.

GameOn Travel to the Leipzig Games Convention

The annual Leipzig GC is one of the biggest events in the gaming calender with over 180,000 members of the public, 3,000 journalists and a host of the industries biggest names attending.

Steve Greenfield, Neil Hetherington and Chris Wakefield will be representing GameOn to deliver the latest news, previews and sneak peeks. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.


Team Fortress 2 heavy update new map pl_badwater

Badwater Basin is a Payload map focusing on more open spaces and less chokepoints than Gold Rush. (A) Right out of the gate is a multi-level area where the Blu team needs to control the high ground while moving the cart through a tunnel below.

Team Fortress 2 heavy update The new map

With the new Heavy update as well as the achievements there is also going to be a new map, the map is called "cp_steel"

A first look at the new Team Fortress 2 Heavy achievements


With the next achievements for Team Fortress 2 being concentrated on the Heavy
here are the 35 new achievements

There will also be a new map coming out with this update, we will post some information on this new map over the next couple of days.

(please note, before you click "read more" this is large post)

Spiderman: Web of shadows new game trailers

Here are two trailers for the new Spider-man game

The 1st Trailer shows you what you expect from the storyline its self and how its going to play out.

The 2nd Trailer is the developers talking about the ways they wanted to change this Spider-man game from previous ones.

ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 Reviews

Here are a couple of reviews of the ATI Radeon 4870 X2.

The hot hardware review had both a HIS and Palit ATI Radeon 4870 X2 cards and the tech report review has a Diamond ATI Radeon 4870 X2 card..

The results are really quite scary!

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