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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Adds Mary Jane And Harry Osborn

Set to join characters Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in the sequel to one of the summer's big hits, The Amazing Spider-Man, is Mary Jane Watson.


Roberts Space Industries Announces Star Citizen

At the beginning of the year, we posted a short article listing a handful of games that we wanted to see make a comeback. It appears that the gods were listening; or one god at least. Mr Wing Commander himself, Chris Roberts, has returned to games development following a 10 year abscence with what is set to be his most ambitious project to date.


Shameless To End After Season 11

Channel 4's popular comedy drama series Shameless is set to end after the upcoming eleventh season.


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 Trailer

Here we have the first trailer for part 2 of the animated adaptation of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns which is set to hit DVD and Blu-ray next year.

Prison Architect.jpg

Prison Architect Preview

In days gone by, it used to be possible to find a management sim for almost any business you might care to imagine; the majority of which were ultimately tat. Can Introversion Software do any better?


MechWarrior Online Open Beta Drops Next Week

Infinite Game Publishing (IGP) and Piranha Games announced today that MechWarrior Online will go Open Beta on October 16.


If It Was Real: Talent Trees

Ever thought about a talent tree in real life? What would you assign and where? Here's a few of our thoughts!


Audiomotion On Board For Far Cry 3

Audiomotion can now unveil its further partnership with Ubisoft - this time for the long awaited Far Cry 3.


Dishonored Xbox 360 Review

Dishonored is a game centred on freedom, about giving players permission to do what they please with what they have: instead of being funnelled down one linear path. Arkane Studios' latest title instead provides a multitude of options, outcomes and experiences, each and every one of them tailored to the player at the helm.


American Horror Story: Asylum Trailer

Here we have the first full trailer for the upcoming second season of American Horror Story which is set to premiere October 17.


Forza Horizon Demo Released

Microsoft, Playground Games, and Turn 10 Studios have announced that the demo for “Forza Horizon” is now available for download.


Sid Meier’s Railroads Being Released For Mac

Feral Interactive today announced that Sid Meier’s Railroads!, the ingenious re-imagining of the legendary Railroad Tycoon (1990), will be released for the Mac this Fall.


Lost Planet 3 Gamescom 2012 Preview

Lost Planet 3 is an upcoming third-person prequel developed by Spark Unlimited and set many years before the events of the first two games in the series.


Victory: The Age of Racing Gamescom 2012 Preview

At gamescom 2012 we met Luca Garattoni, Executive Producer and Game Designer at Vae Victus, to discuss upcoming MMO racing title Victory: The Age of Racing. During our appointment we got to see many of the features of this free-to-play title.

Guild Wars 2.png

Staff Blog - A PVE Players Journey Into PVP: Guild Wars 2

I’m a Guardian. We are hard to kill, hit hard and have a lot of supportive abilities to help our allies. 


Worms Complete Collection PS3 Review

“You’ve got Worms!” shouted my editor when the Worms Collection arrived at our office. I chuckled quietly under my breath, out of politeness. “I’ve got Worms!” I cried to my girlfriend when I saw her later that day. She didn’t laugh at all, we’ve been together long enough that she doesn’t have to be polite any more.


D.C. Douglas @ Zomicon 2012

Zombie themed convention Zombicon 2012 (October 20, 21, Fort Myers Florida) is primed to be the largest gathering of zombies in the United States. Part of the draw will be their line-up of guests - actors, artists, authors, bands and more.

Primal Carnage.jpg

Primal Carnage Goes Into Open Beta

Prepare yourselves for a monstrous clash between men and prehistoric beasts. Reverb Publishing and Lukewarm Media today announced that Primal Carnage has gone into open beta for all those who pre-order the game; players who sign up will be amongst the first to experience some serious prehistoric tension.


Medal of Honor Warfighter New Screenshots

Two new screenshots from the Beta have been released.


F1 2012 PS3 Review

 The time has come for Formula 1 fans to get excited because it is time for the official game by Codemasters to be released. As with every F1 game we have had to wait for the back end of the season for the release due to licensing but I think that we would rather get a game late than not at all. With the previous versions being so good I have high hopes for F1 2012 so let's see how it did.


Cast Expands For Upcoming David O. Russell Drama

Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, and Amy Adams will be joined by Christian Bale in David O. Russell’s ensemble drama. 


Movie 43 Red Band Trailer

Red band trailer for upcoming comedy Movie 43


Amber Alert Official Trailer

First trailer for upcoming found footage horror film Amber Alert.


The Lords Of Salem Teaser Trailer

    First official teaser trailer for Rob Zombie's upcoming horror film The Lords Of Salem.


The Walking Dead Season 3 'Last Man Standing' Promo

New promo trailer for the upcoming third season of The Walking Dead.

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