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Staff Blog: The Tiger Woods Series

Ever since 1999 when Tiger Woods PGA Tour was released we have seen a new, updated game every year.  So what has changed, if anything, in the last 14 years? Obviously, in the time that we have had Tiger on our consoles the graphics have come on to what we see now, as well as the content of the game.  In '99, due to it being hard to get a high amount of data on to the discs for the first PlayStation, the course and golfer content was slightly limited with only 7 playable golfers.  As the franchise has gone on through the years, more and more golfers and courses have been added - for example, this year's installment has 17 courses and 23 playable golfers.

Along the way there have additionally been some updates to the game that are more than just new courses, golfers and the update in graphics; such as the game face being added in 2007.  This is where the player can use the camera add-on for their console and take a picture of their face, so it can be put into the game, giving the feeling of being actually there in the game. Another notable update to Tiger Woods is the addition of live weather.  As this sounds, if you are connected to the internet on your console, the weather on the game courses will be exactly the same as the real weather at that time.  This year has also seen the addition of a new feature: We see the itroduction of a caddy that will tell you the best shots to take, and also when you are on the green he'll point out whereabouts to aim at putting the ball. Keeping in mind though, that the caddy's choices aren't always the best shot and you can also still choose your own shot if you prefer.  With all the new features that have come out over the years, how long will it be until EA run out of ideas for new content and Tiger Woods ends up being the same every year?

boffey | 9th November, 2011

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