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Staff Blog: My Top 10 Videogame Music Pieces

There are many different games out there and many of them are good, but something that makes them stand out for me is their soundtrack. So I’ve picked my top 10 favourite game music pieces, one for each game


10. Duel With a Critic (Psychonauts)

Psychonauts itself was a very interesting and unique game. But something I loved about it was its music. I had to choose between several songs from the original soundtrack here, but I stuck with this one because of its fitting nature and intensity.


9. Supporting Me (Sonic Adventure 2)

For the older bunch here that are reading this, you may or may not have played Sonic Adventure 2, and if you did you probably remember the massive lizard that was the final boss; Biolizard. A menacing theme for a menacing boss even fought by a menacing character, everything about this boss and this song just says menacing, and thus is fitting.


8. Boss 3 (Terraria)

The eerie music that plays during the fight against the mysterious being known only as ‘The Destroyer’, this music drops the bomb. The massive robotic worm burrowing and shooting lasers at you, this slow, disturbing but fitting track couldn’t have portrayed ‘creepy’ enough for this burrowing mystery.


7. Final Fortress Zone (Sonic Heroes)

This is a unique mention on the list, because it is the only one here that isn’t a boss theme. I chose this theme because it shows many emotions. Having an ‘end of the world feel’ as Eggman prepares to attack with his massive egg fleet, but also feelings of hope. A memorable mention from the game that got me in gaming.


6. Bloodlines Bequeathed (Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin)

One of the most common tracks in Castlevania, besides Vampire Killer and Bloody Tears, normally called ‘Divine Bloodlines’. This remix goes perfectly with the boss (not revealed for spoiler reasons).


5. Big Arms (Sonic Generations 3DS)

Another one for the older generation that is reading this, you may remember, once upon a time Sonic 3. Those of you that got to the very end and to the final boss of that game may recognise this music. That is because this is an amazing remix by Cash Cash from the Sonic 3 final boss. I love this music, but it wasn’t on par with what’s to come.


4. C.H.A.D.’s Lullaby (Super Meat Boy)

It’s not everyday something small and cute that wants to kiss you turns into a massive…thing made of blood and tissue. C.H.A.D.s (Cute Huge And Deadly) Theme fits perfectly for him, as you try to escape upwards away from him, before it tries to kiss you again.


3. Final Battle (Cave Story+/Cave Story 3D)

There’s only a certain song that can get you in the mood for fighting a zombie robot that is possessed by a zombie doctor that also possesses two of your friends, and this robot is keeping the entire island floating; that is this music right here.


2. My Innermost Apocalypse (The Binding Of Isaac)

Well, where to start with this one. This would have been top of the list if not for a song I found fairly recently. This extremely intense boss theme that plays when you a literally battling yourself. Not a Hamlet conscience type battle. A literal battle with yourself. A demon within you that pretty much defines you, feelings of anger, hatred, sadness, hope, and worry. All these feelings suit the fight but most importantly so does this music.


1. Solaris Phase 2 (Sonic (2006))

If the game was as good as the music, it would have won game of the century. It seems as if 90% of the games budget was invested into this song. A fight against the ultimate being, that can destroy and control time, and splitting into two forms of evil, Iblis and Mephiles. Taking 3 super forms to destroy, it is one of the strongest enemies in Sonic history. It stands beside Neo Metal Sonic (Sonic Heroes) which survived attacks of 9 different characters then several Team Super Sonic Blasts. This music got top of the list due to being downright awesome.

If I could go on longer:

  • Silver Rival Battle (Sonic Generations 3DS)

  • The Falling Moon Tone (The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

  • Bombs For Throwing at You (Portal 2)

  • The Entire Cave Story+/Cave Story 3DS Soundtrack

  • All Psychopath Themes (Dead Rising 2)

  • Butsutekkai (Ikaruga)

  • Enmity Of The Dark Lord (The Binding Of Isaac)
Liefer | 18th April, 2013
SilentHeaven109's picture
Some nice unconventional picks here, nice to see a music list that isn't just old 2D Sonic and Final Fantasy themes I'm pretty sure my list would just be 10 Silent Hill songs, to be honest
Emseypenguin's picture
Nice article! Awesome picks too, will be youtubing all of these later!
Sikopathic's picture
Good Choices =)

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