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The Indie Challenge: The Night of the Rabbit - Week 9

The Night of the Rabbit

I'm not the sort person who is fond of Indie games. I like my big name titles, my polished graphics and my big budgets. I dislike titles that I can't add to Steam or that can't use the processing power I've lovingly paid out for in my gaming rig. I am, for lack of a better term, a gaming snob. For this reason, I have given myself The Indie Challenge.

Each week, I will be playing at least one lesser known Indie game. I may not have enough time to complete said game, but I will at least try it. I'm doing this to attempt to expand my gaming horizons and stop being so focused on a small selection of game types. There is a whole world of gaming out there ready and waiting for me to come across.

I'll be posting a weekly blog following this challenge and detailing the game I've been playing as well as the game I will be playing next week. If you want to follow along with me, I'll be posting a link to the game.

Previous weeks:
Week 1 - Receiver
Week 2 - FTL: Faster Than Light
Week 3 - Reus
Week 4 - Thomas Was Alone
Week 5 - Home
Week 6 - Gunpoint
Week 7 - Guns of Icarus Online
Week 8 - Papers Please

Nine weeks in and we've hit the Steam summer sale period. This was also the week that I've been playing through The Night of the Rabbit from Daedalic Entertainment. Not being a huge fan of the point and click genre, this was an interesting title for me.

The Night of the Rabbit

First and foremost, I'd like to point out how much I love the art style of this game. It's what really drew me towards the game. Everything just looks fantastically detailed and well drawn and coloured. The art style matches everything from the voice acting to the gentle breeze you can hear in the background of some scenes.

I didn't really get as much time as I might have liked with The Night of the Rabbit but from the few hours I have experienced, I have to say that I am really enjoying it. I found it a bit difficult to begin with, not being an artisan of the genre and I didn't actually get past what I believe to be the tutorial for a good 40 minutes but after that, it was pretty plain sailing.

It was a difficult learning curve for me to essentially sit back and enjoy the story more than the gameplay because primarily, this is a story told in an interactive sense. You're treated to puzzles and dialogue and at first, I thought it wouldn't really click with me but luckily, it did after a little bit and I managed to put my feet up and fall into the world of Mousewood.

The Night of the Rabbit

If you're looking for a game to play lazily on a Sunday afternoon, I'd definitely recommend The Night of the Rabbit as a potential title. It's charming and quaint whilst having emotional characters that you can emphasise with. It's certainly a game that I will be going back to and finishing, but my time as of late has been a bit scarce. I'm very pleased that this project lead me to play this title.

You can read our review of The Night of the Rabbit here: http://www.gamegrin.com/game/review/pc/the-night-of-the-rabbit-pc-review

You can also pick up a copy of it here: http://www.daedalic.de/en/game/the_night_of_the_rabbit

Kerbal Space Program

This week I will be trying my hand at Kerbal Space Program, a spaceship building simulator where you have to make it into outer space without killing your crew.

You can read our preview of Kerbal Space Program here: http://www.gamegrin.com/game/preview/kerbal-space-program-preview

If you'd like to play along, you can pick up the game here: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/

Kaostic | 17th July, 2013
Emseypenguin's picture
Glad you tried this after all, it's such a good game!
Kaostic's picture
Originally Posted by Emseypenguin View Post
Glad you tried this after all, it's such a good game!
Yeah was really enjoying it. Going to give it a miss for a little bit due to magazine and what not but it's sitting in my favorites to be played.
Cronos's picture
If it weren't a point and click (hate them with a passion) I'd probably get it for the art style alone.
Kaostic's picture
Originally Posted by Cronos View Post
If it weren't a point and click (hate them with a passion) I'd probably get it for the art style alone.
To be honest crony, that was exactly my stand point. If you read the suffix to Week 8, I state that I haven't played and enjoyed a point and click other than The Walking Dead and Sam & Max (the old one).

This really did bring me back to how I felt whilst playing Sam & Max. There's some comedy (not as much, not yet anyway), emotion and a great art style. I'd suggest getting it and just giving it a try. Dedicate at least a few hours to it though. It was a little slow going for the first hour.

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