Even More Greenman Goodness... Bastion For The Price Of A Burger King Meal.

Hot on the heels of the Space Marine deal, Greenmangaming also have the stunning RPG Bastion for sale with a whopping 50% off.

Now you can wander this wonderfully narrated world for only £5.74, it would be criminal not to buy this game. It would also be equally as criminal not to read our review http://www.gamegrin.com/game/review/pc/bastion-pc-review.

Head to http://www.greenmangaming.co.uk/games/rpgs/bastion/ and grab yours today.

Wedgeh | 4th January, 2012
I am offended at the lack of link to my review
Wedgeh's picture
I dunno what you're on about, it's always been in the post *cough*

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