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Interview with Cast Members from ITV's Primeval

An interview with the cast members and creators of the TV show ‘Primeval'

Primeval Cast

Hannah Spearritt  : Abby Maitland
Andrew Lee Potts : Connor Temple
Lucy Brown           : Jenny Lewis / Claudia Brown
Tim Haines            : Show creator
Adrian Hodges      : Show creator

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GameOn had the pleasure of having the opportunity to take part in an interview with the cast members and creators of the ITV1 Saturday evening prime-time show Primeval. One of the things that struck us immediately was how like their characters in the show they all looked.

They were asked how they had found being at the Expo event:
Andrew - ‘Big innit - Like the Ideal Home Show but with cartoon characters'
Hannah commented that she had not expected anything so big.

They were also asked how easy it was to work with CGI:
The cast commented that working with CGI is now such a massive part of TV that it is something you learn to get used to. The most difficult thing is getting the eye-lines correct during a screen. For Primeval they do not use green or blue screen - they have sticks with balls on top to signify the presence of a CGI creature during filming.

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The shows creators confirmed that the 10 episodes for season 3 would be shown some time in the New Year, and they were already working on some story-lines for season 4, which they are hopeful will be confirmed. There will be 3 new regular characters in season 3, new creatures and some very interesting developments with the cloned henchmen.

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During an exclusive one-to one session with the cast members, GameOn asked the following questions.

To all of you: Which is your favourite episode out of all the seasons?
Lucy - Season 2 Episode 5 (the one where the young girl follows her dog through an anomaly to a desert setting)
Andrew - The one with the woolly mammoth on the motorway (season 2 episode 6)
Hannah - The one where Connor first tells Abby that he loves her and also season 2 episode 3
Smiles - The one with the Sabre toothed tiger
All - Yes (looking amazed that Smiles know that!)

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To Lucy: Which person/personality do you prefer - Claudia or Jenny?
Lucy: That is difficult, but with the way the character will develop during season 3, I would say that I now prefer Jenny

To all of you: Do you play computer games, if so what do you play?
Abby - I love that snowboarding game - SSX and we all play the quiz game Buzz on the PS3
Andrew - yes - we all love that game, and tennis on the Wii

To Hannah: Which do you prefer, being in S-Club 7 or playing a role in Primeval
Andrew - Definitely S-Club7 !!!!
Hannah - Cheeky ! No I would say Primeval.

To all of you: As Primeval is about pre-historic creatures, which pre-historic creature would you like to come across in real life?
Hannah - Rex (Abby's pet in the series)
Lucy - The scutosaurus, from season 1 episode 1
Andrew - the Dodo
Andrew to Smiles - What would you like to see?
Smiles - I think the Dodo as well

We would like to thank them all for the time they spent with us, and in particular for making one little boy very happy indeed.

Rasher | 20th November, 2008
Colio's picture
please tell me smiles didnt try to impress them with his array of certain religious phrases.
POBmaestro's picture
lol. I've never watched Primeval before but enjoyed the interview nevertheless

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