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An Ode to Total War: Rome II

An Ode to Total War: Rome II

The first time I played Rome: Total War, I was just a child

Now Rome II is on the horizon, and the excitement is driving me wild

As a tribute I thought I’d write a poem, despite my lack of ability

To show my love of Total War, and also my versatility

I’d bought a game called Gladiator, but it failed to work on my PC

So I traded it in for a similarly themed game, you could say it was meant to be

I loaded the game up, intrigued by the armies, cities and Roman setting

But I was worried it wouldn’t work again, so I mainly sat there sweating

It was once I got into the game, that I first feasted my eyes

On the detailed Roman and Gallic armies, both of an enormous size

The game then took me to the campaign map, it was ever so beautiful

Full of nations for me to crush, like Carthage, Greece and Gaul

I spent months with my new found love, learning every move

I was raising empires left and right, getting in the groove

I’d sneak up to our computer room, in the early hours

To continue from where I left off, and improve my ruling powers

Nearly ten years have passed, and it is still my favourite game

That it took so long for them to make a sequel, was really quite a shame

But Rome II is almost here, not long ‘till September third

The lines between my dreams and reality are becoming much less blurred

I want to lead a legion again, with unmatched organisation

And build a cultural paradise, with unlimited levels of taxation

I want to lead the Arverni tribes, to historically inaccurate glory

To cut my own path in the history books, and write a different story

That’s my ode to Total War: Rome II, sorry for the forced rhyme

The last time I wrote a poem I was eight years old, so it’s been a long time

Just try to understand I can’t express my love for Total War in a normal way

I think they’re the best damn games ever, no matter what you say

RGDfleet | 22nd August, 2013

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