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E3 - 2013 Coverage: Nintendo Direct Overview

Satoru Iwata from Nintendo is here to take us through what's next for the company. He jumps right into the action by showing us a video for the new Pokémon games:

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

There is a brand new region to explore and many new pokémon to discover, including three new starter pokémon: Chespin, a grass-type pokémon; Fennekin, a fire-type pokémon and Froakie, a water-type pokémon. Alongside these are various new critters to find, like Pancham (a panda lookalike), Helioptile and Vivillon and many more. There is also a new type of pokémon introduced in these games: the fairy-type. Some familiar faces, Jigglypuff, Sylveon and Marill are now classed as fairy-type and they are particularly effective against dragon pokémon.

A new feature is also being included, called Pokémon Amie. Pokémon Amie is a new way to bond with your pokémon, allowing you to feed, pet and play with your pokémon and "you can even copy your pokémon's actions to make them happier".

There are more game elements that will make it into the game but they will be revealed throughout the year. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will be released in October 2013.

Super Mario 3D Worlds

A video starts where Mario runs around a 3D environment, doing standard Mario stuff. He appears in some kind of crazy animal suit and jumps around. Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad make an appearance showing that the game is going to be multiplayer. Satoru confirms this, saying that the game can be as cooperative or competitive as you like, allowing for a different experience every time you play. Every character has unique abilities in this new step in 3D style action game for Mario.

The aforementioned suit is revealed to be 'Cat Mario' and this special suit lets you climb walls and scratch enemies like a ferociously feral feline. Looking at the logo, we see the tail attached and it's more apparent now why this is there. Super Mario 3D Worlds will be available in December 2013.

Mario Kart 8

Another installment of the popular Mario Kart series is fast approaching. The regulars are back: Luigi, Donkey Kong, Wario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, and the rest of the Nintendo gang. Princess Peach is looking particularly foxy in her all in one leathers, a nice change from the flouncy pink dress she usually dons.

In Mario Kart 8 you can glide through the sky, race through water, and ride motorcycles. They have taken popular elements of previous Mario Kart elements and thrown them together to make a glorious concoction of the best of Mario Kart. The game will feature optimised online multiplayer mode and will be available in Spring 2014

Wii Party U

The new Wii Party U is part of the popular Wii party series and will include the more basic board games as well as party games. You will be able to utilise the unique controller system of the Wii U for a refreshing experience, and mini games will also be a big part of it, some of which take place solely on the controller. The aim is to make Wii Party U as accessible as possible, so they are taking a little longer than previously stated before it is ready to release, around October time, 2013.

Wii Fit U

The new Wii Fit U will also be coming out this year, but again later than previously expected, around December 2013. Satoru says thank you to everyone who has been waiting patiently while they put extra love into these upcoming products.


Art Academy

mario luigi art academy

Satoru mentions that at Nintendo they have been impressed with the amount of people using the Wii U to upload incredible pieces of artwork onto the Miiverse community. There is a new game in development, Art Academy, but as it is not quite ready for release, they have decided to release a selection of features early for fans to use. This will include digital pastels, colouring pencils and other awesome things so that people can continue to surprise them with amazing creativity.


Third Party Games

There are a number of strong partnerships with Nintendo, and these partnerships are bringing a host of new games to Nintendo products this year. Here's a list of some things to expect:

Assassin's Creed IV, October 29, 2013, Wii U
Batman: Arkham Origins, October 25, 2013, Wii U
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, October 25, 2013 3DS
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut, Wii U, 2013
Disney Infinity, August 18, 2013, Wii U
Just Dance, 2014, October 8, 2013, Wii U
Rayman Legends, September 3, 2013, Wii U
Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventures, Fall 2013, Wii U and 3DS
Disney's Planes, August 6, 2013, Wii U, 3DS, and Wii
Shin Megami Tensei IV, July 16, 2013 3DS
Skylanders SWAP Force, October 13, 2013 Wii U 3DS and Wii
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist, August 20, 2013 Wii U
Sonic Lost World, Holiday 2013, Wii u and 3DS
Watch_Dogs, November 19, 2013 Wii U


Nintendo E-Shop Independent Offerings

There are also a number of independent offerings upcoming for digital purchase on the Nintendo E-Shop:

Ballpoint Universe - Arachnid games
Cloudberry Kingdom - Ubisoft
Coaster Crazy Deluxe - Frontier Developments
Duck Tales Remastered - Capcom
Dungeons and Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara - Capcom
Mutant Mudds Deluxe - Renegade Kid
Oddworld: New and Tasty - Oddworld Inhabitants
Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails - Dakko Dakko Ltd.
Shovel Knight - Yacht Club Games
Spin the Bottle Bumpie's Party - KnapNok Games
A World of Keflings - Ninja Bee


The Legend of Zelda Windwaker HD

There is some late info in the new Legend of Zelda game, and we are shown a trailer for The Legend of Zelda Windwaker. The game now uses HD and is in 1080p, with a noted change in the graphics normally expected of Link and his adventures. The game has apparently been "reborn".

There are some adjustments from the Gamecube game of the same name. For example an item, the Tingle Tuna, used to allow you to connect to you to your Gameboy has been upgraded to a Tingle Bottle, which lets you connect to an online community and send messages or share screenshots of your game.


The Wonderful 101

This new offering from Platinum Games features a group of heroes battling against aliens who are attacking earth. You can use your heroes in a feature called 'Unite More' which utilises the Wii U controller to draw a weapon and then the heroes 'unite' to form that weapon (kinda like the Power Rangers?) to beat up the bad guys.

The game will be multiplayer for up to five players and unlockable content will be available in the game shop. More information will be released closer to the time.


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong jumps out of a falling rocket and takes off around the jungle. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a platform game with some stunning HD graphics, where Donkey Kong Island has been invaded by Vikings (not just any vikings though, PENGUINS). The game features two player co-op, and you can play as either Donkey Kong and Didi Kong or Donkey Kong and Dixie Kong.

A nice twist is different camera angles being used to show dynamic scenes throughout the game, and takes the generally monotonous platform genre to another level. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze will be out in November, 2013.


Bayonetta 2

Another offering from Platinum Games is the sequel to the extremely popular Bayonetta; Bayonetta 2. Of course there are plenty of mystical, creepy beings, upside-down childlike faces as standard. Bayonetta herself has had a bit of a makeover, and now has a pixie-cut, but still looks like she kicks ass, bespectacled of course.

The climactic action of Bayonetta 2 will be available in 2014.



The single letter title of X doesn't really give away much about this new open-world game. All we know is that it is a large scale, open-world endeavour, which looks very pretty indeed. There are huge rambling dinosaur-like creatures, mech suits that look like transformers and it will be out in 2014!


Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros is back and it's taking over your Wii U and 3DS. This time we have some new characters to add to the mix with Villager from Animal Crossing and Megaman himself!
Each character has a bunch of cool moves to master and use to your advantage in this multiplayer brawler. Super Smash Bros will make its return in 2014.

Emseypenguin | 13th June, 2013

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