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GameGrin at gamescom 2013

The more astute of you may have noticed that the regular Sunday feature, WTFBBQ, did not appear today. This is because the usual BBQer (me) is currently making the last minute preparations to fly to Cologne for the biggest games conference in Europe.

Yes, Ewok (that's me) and evilgiraffeman are heading over to Germany for gamescom 2013, to meet up with several early birds from GameGrin who already have their boots on the ground.

While this means you won't see WTFBBQ or the Weekly Roundup (boo!, hiss!) for a couple of weeks, it does mean we'll be able to get our dirty little hands on the latest exciting and upcoming games and bring you all the latest gossip and developments, along with previews, interviews and more in the coming weeks.

Fear not though, Those We Have Left Behind will still be around to serve up delicious reviews, previews, articles and news while we lucky few bring our unique brand of British charm to the continent, so watch this space and prepare yourselves for content overload once we get back!

Ewok | 18th August, 2013

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