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You are Corvo: Introduction - Interactive Article

The light bounced off the water like a thousand diamonds strewn across a bed of blue linen, the waves swayed like a beast turning; gripped in the midst of a disturbed slumber. The sky was painted in broad strokes with an ominous red, it looked as if the Gods were bleeding, as you put on your mask you could not help but consider how apt that was.

In his usual place sat Sam, he seemed to feel at home on his boat, more so than he ever looked on land. Sam's face looked like the edge of a cliff, weather beaten, with deep crags defining his features. His expression told the tale of a life fraught with pain and sorrow, but he still found the time to obsess over the width of his sideburns.

"So you're ready?" said Sam, "this job won't be easy, I know you already broke out of one, but breaking into a prison? That will be something else." You nodded your head; you always were a man of few words. You knew that killing the warden of Dunwall prison was going to be no easy task, but since the Outsider had summoned you to his ethereal dreamscape you had become very proficient at achieving the implausible.

Midway through the journey the red sky opened and a heavy rain whipped against the surface of the ocean, lashing against your mask and obscuring your view, but more importantly masking your approach to the prison. Sam sat silently, vigilantly guiding your small vessel away from the countless whale trawlers, constantly wary of somebody raising the alarm.

The prison was built into the side of a cliff thrusting out of the ocean like a tumour, inviting prisoners to try and escape by smashing their skulls on the rocks below. "Good luck," said Sam as he docked the boat, "I will await your swift return." Tilting your head in approval you made your way to the foot of the looming structure.

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kirkules | 23rd October, 2012
Kaostic's picture
Epic article my friend
kirkules's picture
Ewok's picture
Great read Kirk. Loved the Chaos route. I'll let it settle in then have a read of the Stealth version.
kirkules's picture
Thanks Ross, I'm glad everyone seems to like it . Everyone seems to be going for the chaos route first of haha.

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