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Super Street Fighter IV Announced

Capcom today have announced Super Street Fighter IV, this will actually be a standalone title rather than being DLC content. We can expect to see eight new characters to bolster the current roster of 25 and some tweaks will be made based on feedback from the SFIV community.

Three characters have been revealed so far: T. Hawk and Dee Jay which have appeared in previous Street Fighter games,  and newcomer Juri. The rest could be anyone; new characters, old favourites, a mix of the two. We literally just have to wait.


In terms of gameplay improvements, producer Yoshinori Ono says that every character has been changed slightly based on comments from both players and the dev team, while an improved online experience is also promised. Hopefully these tweaks will address some balance issues within the current character line-up.

So the question must be posed. Why a full blown release instead of DLC? Yoshinori Ono says the changes are so extensive that they couldn't just be tacked on, so a disc release was necessary. Thankfully this release will not be commanding a full RRP, so that should calm the shouts of daylight robbery.


Another point which currently remains unanswered is whether this new release would be compatibile online with those who own SFIV and Vice Versa. 

The new game is expected to be released around Spring 2010.

Wedgeh | 29th September, 2009
Beanz's picture
...and so it begins.
bleecher's picture
Welcome Super Street Figher Hyper Smack Down Molest Your Nan IV


with added fastness!

and kittens DLC.
Angelfromabove's picture
Ooooooh interesting!
Something else to give wedge a kicking on :P
Dead Alive's picture
****! I'm already bad enough at SF4, don't need something else to be suck at!

Which reminds me, I need to install it so Wedge can give me combo advice.
Wedgeh's picture
yeh, come on DA, shout when you want some starter tips
Dead Alive's picture
Just installed my free uni given copy of W7, so I'm re-downloading all my Steam games right now. I like to have most of 'em downloaded so I can play when I want. Should have SF done by either tonight, or tomorrow.
Platinum's picture
Backup steam before reinstall?

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