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Nintendo Ready Their Christmas Lineups

Nintendo's line-up of offerings for the winter season is sure to blast away any winter blues as some old friends return alongside a selection of new, action-packed titles.

Gather your friends and family and let the Wii be the life and soul of the Christmas party this year as Wii Party - from those who brought you Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play, and Wii Fit Plus, launches across Europe on 8th October 2010 bundled with a white Wii Remote. As players challenge their personal Mii characters in over 80 mini-games in 13 different party game modes, enjoy games that refine the traditional party videogame experience.

For the first time, the action away from the television screen will be as important as what's shown on it, as House Party mode turns your living room into a pivotal part of the gameplay. The Hide ‘n' Hunt game will have you rummaging through cupboards and peering under the sofa as you desperately search for the hidden Wii Remote before time runs out. Alternatively, tackle the Time Bomb game and see if you can keep a steady hand as you pass a ticking Wii Remote between friends. Careful though - one wrong move and your chances of winning will be up in smoke! There are hours of entertainment to be had in this definitive party game only on Wii.

Feel the jungle rumble as two of the best loved - and certainly the hairiest - video game characters on the planet are set to make a roaring return this Christmas in Donkey Kong Country Returns. With all new levels, new features, stunning graphics, lush environments and enough nostalgia to drive you bananas this is set to be an all new side scrolling adventure you won't want to miss! And, for the first time ever, the primate pals - Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, can now face their foes side-by-side, courtesy of a new two-player co-op mode. Donkey Kong Country Returns makes its debut on Wii on 3rd December 2010.

Players should also get ready for FlingSmash a smashing new game for Wii that combines the hands-on fun of tennis with the non-stop action of pinball which launches across Europe on 19th November 2010. Watch Zip bounce around like a pinball as you fling him at particular angles to smash through oncoming barriers and enemies. As you progress through the levels, Zip transforms into different ball types, each offering a unique and different challenge for the player in this action packed side-scroller with non-stop action!

Nintendo DSi XL is also set to have a brighter winter ahead as it receives a technicolour makeover with three bright new colours - yellow, green & blue making their way to stores across Europe on 8th October 2010 just in time for players to enjoy some new Nintendo DS games on offer this season. Join the supreme puzzle master Professor Layton and his young apprentice Luke, in their brand new engaging adventure - Professor Layton and the Lost Future, when this launches for the Nintendo DS family across Europe on 22nd October 2010. Players can attempt to solve more than 165 brand new brain teasers, riddles and logic puzzles guaranteed to challenge and delight both newcomers and fans of the Professor Layton games.

Pokémon players should get ready to join forces with legendary Pokémon once more as the third instalment of the action-packed Pokémon Ranger series: Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs arrives across Europe for the Nintendo DS family of consoles on 5th November 2010. Take on the role of a Pokémon Ranger tasked with protecting the local people and wild Pokémon from the fiendish Pokémon Pinchers with the help of your partner, Ukulele Pichu. To save the land from the powers of darkness, join forces with the legendary Pokémon and stop the Pokémon Pinchers from their evil plans!

Finally, with countless adventures and heroic turn-based battles, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn launches on 10th December 2010 for the Nintendo DS family of consoles. Take on the role of the new generation of heroes, as you embark on your next adventure. Embrace the use of Psynergy, an elemental magic with powerful effects over people and the environment. Or hunt and collect Djinn, mysterious creatures used to summon powerful spirits in battle. These will be integral to master as you progress in your quest, conquering dangerous monsters and ultimately attempting to solve the mystery behind the vortexes and ultimately save the world from evil!

Wedgeh | 30th September, 2010
azrael316's picture
Drunken "Hide the Wiimote" hi-jinx ahoy!!

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