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Sony Tokyo Game Show Keynote Overview

So weve seen what Microsoft has to offer but what of its competitor, Sony. Please see below for a brief overview of what Sony had on show.

3D technology seemed to be at the forefront of Sonys presentation with trailers for Final Fantasy XIV and Metal Gear Solid Rising and Gran Turismo 5.
Continuing the 3D theme, new Blu-Ray firmware for the PS3 will be released later this month.


Onto hardware, a new Playstation 3 320gb model will be released on October 31st and a Monster Hunter branded PSP will be released in December to coincide with the release of Monster Hunter portable 3rd.

Also demonstrated during the conference was the following,

The 3rd Birthday

A new trailer was shown for upcoming PSP title, The 3rd Birthday. You can find our hands on preview from GamesCom here 

3rd birthday

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix

A trailer was demonstrated for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix. The game will feature English voices, something new for a "final mix" edition of a Square-Enix game.


Ni no Kuni

A trailer was shown of the beautiful looking upcoming Japanese RPG from Level-5

Asura's Wrath and Devil May Cry

Trailers were shown of these two titles, newly announced yesterday by Capcom. The trailers were the same as the ones shown in the Capcom Presentation.

Yakuza: Of the End

A trailer was shown for upcoming zombie title Yakuza: Of the End

Also shown was the HD remake of Ico and Shadow of the Collosus. Designer Fumita Ueda, also showcased a trailer for upcoming title The Last Guardian which is slated for release sometime in 2011.


Two new games were announced Ace Combat: Assault Horizon with no release date as of yet and the mysterious sounding Project Dark, describing it only as a game for those who enjoyed Demon Souls.


And that is that, overall not a hugely exciting conference by Sony but some interesting titles to look forward too.

Angelfromabove | 16th September, 2010

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