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Ubisoft E3 Demonstrations

In the closing stages of the Ubisoft E3 Keynote Conference 3 titles were announced that were a little bit different.

First up was Project Dust (Working title). This wasn't a hugely descriptive presentation and left more questions than anything else. The tribal people this game follows, have learnt to live at one with nature and the elements through a series of rituals and traditions. This knowledge has been passed on through many generations and in recent times have been lost, now the people of this island are facing extinction. It is up to the mysterious voice of the narrator of this piece to teach these secrets and regain the land back before the peoples perish. As previously mentioned, not a huge amount of info was given for this game at E3 so answers may be a long way off yet.

Next up we were informed that Michel Ancel has created a set of tools aimed at all designers and developers regardless of experience and art style, these tools can be used to create games which will be sold digitally.
An example of what kind of game can be created using these tools was shown, and was none other than platform gaming favorite Rayman.
Rayman is back in a brand new adventure. Whilst causing all kinds of mischief in the jungle Rayman happens to discover his double, his blood brother. Together they do all the things they love, dancing and going places and art. Eventually a strong friendship blossoms. Nothing can break them apart, or can it? Rayman origins sees Rayman going back to his roots with some good old platform gaming fun in some pretty nice looking locations.
A team of 5 people have been working on the new Rayman game using these tools and things are looking good so far. No release date as of yet.

Lastly Mania Planet was revealed. Media Planet is a platform that allows you to create new tracks and games with simple to use tools on offer. In Mania Planet you can play your 3 favorite genres of game, FPS Racing and RPG (Shootmania, Trackmania and Questmania respectively). You will be joining one unified community with one universal set of tools. A map editor, a way to share it and a matchmaking system. You can play however you like merging these three genres together to create infinite possibilities and combinations. You can choose to play others games, your own, with many people or by yourself. The choice is completely yours.
Beta Trackmania arrives Q4 2010, Beta Shootmania comes after Q1 2011 and Beta Questmania not yet given a timescale.

All of these ideas are innovative ones, hopefully more information should become available soon.


Angelfromabove | 16th June, 2010

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