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20 Minutes of Life Within Skyrim


Well, not literally here - the GameGrin offices have thankfully been free from our scaley adversaries in recent years, ever since Mrs R found that huge glowing sword in the cupboard; Bethesda, on the other hand, have managed to successfully capture and contain a couple of the oversized lizards, and now present them to you in video form below.

The 20 minute presentation gives you an idea of what was shown during the recent Expo season, so if you weren't able to attend; or haven't read our expansive preview from E3; or simply need to see it all in action, then check them out. The videos depict the aforementioned dragons, the new combat mechanics and the protagonist's apparent ability to belch fire (it's always nice to have a party trick)

Rasher | 13th September, 2011
POBmaestro's picture
I remember reading some text in a book in-game either Morrowind or Oblivion that described the regions of Tamriel, and I distinctly remember never wanting to visit Skyrim because I hated the sound of its environment. Watching these videos hasn't really swayed me in any way, and although I am sure many will find huge enjoyment loosing themselves in another Elder Scrolls epic, I am failing to get excited by this one. I think I'd rather wait a few years for when I have a PC to run the game in its full glory with a 'green mod' or something.
bustercapinme's picture
looks like a great game that you could easily lose an afternoon in one dungeon, my only criticism would be that the environments all look a bit samey, it was similar in oblivion and fallout 3 although fallout 3 was a wasteland and this point was used to good affect. That being said, if the story and gameplay is up to snuff any minor criticisms you tend to forget

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