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3D Pokédex Announced for the Nintendo 3DS

Free to download on the new Nintendo 3DS e-shop is the 3D Pokédex.

The store itself will be going live everywhere by the end of today and so will the Pokédex download, free to everyone playing on the 3DS.

The Pokédex will have 16 Pokémon pre-built into the game for users to browse, as well as take photos with. Using the 3DS's cameras, you can put your Pokémon into real life and take photos beside them. Each Pokémon has an individual Augmented Reality image that can be used to perfrom said features. 

Although Nintendo said that to collect more Pokémon via Street Pass, it would be great to see Pokémon discovered in-game: when you spot a Pokémon in-game, you get the 3D version in the Pokédex.


TGK | 7th June, 2011

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