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APB: Reloaded Comes to Steam

APB: Reloaded, the unique third person shooter sandbox mmorpg from Reloaded Productions, today officialy hit Steam expanding its Free to Play range.

APB had a rough ride with inital developer RealTimeWorlds initially launching the game under a premium subscription but later closing. Reloaded Productions along with Gamersfirst have released a new improved version with a mass of additions, and under the Free to Play business model, and its now going from success to success, with its addition to Steam sure to boost player numbers massively.

Get APB: Reloaded now on Steam at http://store.steampowered.com/app/113400/

Ex0dUs | 7th December, 2011
Ex0dUs's picture
This game really is something awesome!

I was a part of one of the worlds top Enforcer gangs when it was at RTW, and it holds some brilliant memories. The game now is even stronger, with many new additions and zones.

If you like character and vehicle customisation, there is nothing else out there with the kind of options APB can offer.

Well worth a look if you're seeking an online experience similar to that of GTA or Saints Row.

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