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Change The Future Trailer Released For Final Fantasy XIII-2

A new, rather lengthy trailer has been released for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The trailer contains spoilers regarding the ending of its predecessor Final Fantasy XIII so watch at your own risk if you have yet to complete it!

This trailer sheds some light on what we can expect to see from the storyline, its an odd one centered around travelling through time to change the future - as the title of the trailer itself suggests.

It also gives some insight on how the 'cinematic action' (Read: Quick time events) are going to work and gives us more details on new character Noel.

P.s, Yes that is Snow and yes he does look silly without a hat on.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is due for release on Feb 3rd 2012 so not long to go now!

Angelfromabove | 14th October, 2011

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