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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Narrated Trailer

If you watched the Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer from E3, this one will look very familiar to you. If you were wondering what the thought processes behind it were then this ammended version is definately worth a look. 

Producer Kitase Yoshinori and director Toriyama Motomu give their insights and explanations behind the events of the trailer and what we can expect to see from the finished product. 

Angelfromabove | 1st September, 2011
Dead Alive's picture
Words can not explain the amount of issues I have with this. Snow better have a decent amount of time!

I'll get it anyway...
Dead Alive's picture
This bump is convenient. The more I see of this the more I actually like the look of it and think it could be a superior game to FF13, issues I have with the Moogle notwithstanding.
razer121's picture
After the fail that was ffXIII...i do not think i will be WASTIGN my money on this unless there truly is a decent improvment, i shall wait for the reviews...
Dead Alive's picture
Can't say FF13 offended me too much. I played it, I enjoyed it, I hated Hope with the fiery passion of three thousand burning suns. I've played much worse games.
razer121's picture
I think it was the battle system that let it down the most....i didnt feel i had full control
Dead Alive's picture
Funny, it's among my favourite FF battle systems, with FFX's being my top choice, and I felt fully in control. I like the fact it's still technically turn based, but has a more dynamic flow instead of people literally looking like they're taking turns hitting one another.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say the battle system is one of the reasons I actually like the game.
Angelfromabove's picture
I liked the battle system myself too. Not as good as X like DA said but certainly not the worst. No that award goes to the pile of **** that was XII.

DA, slightly on topic but not, ahve you heard about the remake for X?! For PS3 and Vita! Excited much?!
Dead Alive's picture
I have... me thinks my next console will be a PS3. It'll make a change from having a 360 for once.

I also read on a site it was supposed to be being remade with 13's engine. This made me excited a little and I made a mess, but it's probably not true. MAKE IT HAPPEN, SQUEENIX.
Angelfromabove's picture
Aye I read that also. This will give me a reason to dust off my PS3 methinks, besides El Shaddai which was the first really good game ive played on ps3 for a while.
Fat Tony's picture
Hope was actually my favorite character because he actually showed some bloody development, and voice acting aside his story was easily the best.

Definitely won't be bothering with FFXIII-2 though, or any other Final Fantasy game for that matter. XIII was just too awful, and what's worse is that it was awful and so far up it's own ass you could wear it as a ring.
Dead Alive's picture
"Mom's are tough"

I no root for whiny woman-child who needs to get protected by his mum then a teenage girl. Or who attacks things with a ******* boomerang. Or who really has a voice that makes me think Tidus' was the definition of manly.

Hope can **** the **** off. If he's in 13-2 I'm going to try everything in my power to ******* murder him dead. To death. If I can't, the game has failed.
Personally I hate Square Enix's guts for stopping release on any other platforms than PS. I for one hate the fact that I have to use a gamepad and am just too damn poor to get a PS3 (or rather was, it's become pretty cheap since release). Also from what I've seen they've made graphics better but story got worse as time progressed.

But it does give a sense of nostalgia. Just enough to find an NES emulator and replay FF1-4.


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