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Magicka Hits Retail Shelves and Releases Soundtrack

Have you run out of music to prance to on your iWand? Need something uplifting to help motivate you to crawl out of bed and into your robes? In time for the retail release of Magicka, the mages of Arrowhead Studios want to give all Magicka fans something a little extra! The official Magicka soundtrack has been released, and is available for immediate download at http://www.magickagame.com/media/music. Featuring 26 tracks, you can now experience more "Magick" in every part of your life.

Magicka Review

Developed by Arrowhead studios, Magicka throws players into a realm filled with hordes of ogres, goblins, and other monsters you've seen countless times in games and movies throughout the last 50 years. Explore the land alone or cooperatively as you and your "friends" battle through the masses to save the world and be mocked incessantly by the entire population when you perish trying to do so. Put your robe on and get ready to do lots of prancing around in the forest!

Magicka is now available in UK and French retail stores, with additional countries to follow over the coming weeks. The game is also available for download through all major digital download partners.

Accidentally blow yourself to bits by playing the demo on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/42910/

For more information about Johan Lindgren, the composer of the Magicka soundtrack, please visit: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=966074

For the latest news on Magicka, please visit http://www.magickagame.com, join the community on http://www.facebook.com/MagickaGame or follow the game on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/magickagame

Rasher | 18th February, 2011
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