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Modern Warfare 3 In May Not Suck On PC Shocker!

Well this is definitely a turn for the better. Infinity Ward's community manager, Robert Bowling has tweeted that Modern Warfare 3 on PC will actually have dedicated server support meaning we can run our own servers and not have to go through some "official" 3rd party suppliers.


This is surely going to tempt some of the Battlefield crowd back to Call of Duty unless DICE can make some clarification regarding their own server policies.

Wedgeh | 17th August, 2011
Beanz's picture
We thought that when they announced Black Ops would have dedicated servers as well. Is it definitely confirmed that the files will be public?
Platinum's picture
Doesn't Black Ops have dedicated server support?
TBH I think its to late for COD on the PC now, they have screwed around to much and with BF3 on the way as well.
Still ill see when its released, ether way when it finally drops cheap ill get it just for the single player, quite enjoyed MW2 and Black Ops single player.

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