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Obituaries - Credit Cards Across The Globe. The Cause - STEAM DEALS - DAY 16

Day 16 in the Big SteamBrother house. Are you sick of these yet?? We're not :D Today we have an indie title of infuriating bas***disation. VVVVVV is up for grabs for a mere pittance, hell you would spend more on a communist Big Mac and get less enjoyment.

Todays offering:- http://store.steampowered.com/app/70300/

  • VVVVVV  - £1.99 / $2.49 / 2.49


Now we will endeavour to bring you every new deal, every day of the week just because we are so good to you people.

Remember these deals are on for one day only and will change over at 6pm GMT. Stay tuned for your dose of money grabbing offers.

Wedgeh | 1st June, 2011
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**** **** ****!!!!!
********* ***** ***************** *** * ** ********** **** **********!!
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Linda heard this being talked about in the meeting last night..
came in the front room and removed my credit card from my desk
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Originally Posted by Rasher View Post
Linda heard this being talked about in the meeting last night..
came in the front room and removed my credit card from my desk
At least she didn't cut it up
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Originally Posted by ExcessNeo View Post
At least she didn't cut it up
Worse - she took it away to max it out instead
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its worth pointing out that today's deal is Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe Edition for.... £2.37 (this was £40 when it came out last year)

You get a month subscription as well

If anyone is interested in picking it up, i am getting it, but wont be playing it till after E3 is over (about a months time i will start)

any more takers?

You can read a preview of the game here
Si^'s picture
Star Trek Online i remember playing this during the beta as well during the preview and it was a awesome MMO at this price for a months sub you cant go wrong!
Angelfromabove's picture
Thats a damn good price for an mmo, especially with a month thrown in.
Wont be partaking though, really not a trekky fan and have WoW to keep me occupied.
Rasher's picture
its more playing with friends for me, were going to start next month playing, as long as i get about 7-8 hours out of it, i will be happy for £2.37.
Last time we did it was Star Wars Galaxies, and we got about 60 hours out of it that month for the £3 we paid
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Left 4 Dead 2 for £5.10, grab it now if you dont have it yet.
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Monday Night Combat - £2.50

If you havent picked this up yet, WELL worth it, its a fun game
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I am beginning to dislike Steam more and more...
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I've managed to dodge most of these deals, either meh game or already bought.

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