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Portal 2 Boxart Released

You can now take an early peek at what the boxart will look for for Portal 2. Boxart coverd are, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Portal 2 is due to be release on the 18 April 2011 and will be released on PC/Mac, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Portal 2 Boxart

Portal Boxart PC    Portal Boxart PS3    Portal Boxart Xbox 360

You can see all of Portal 2 Screenshots over here


Rasher | 5th January, 2011
Dead Alive's picture

I want this.
Platinum's picture
PC games are still available on boxes? how quaint.
Plat - of course - they need something for the news popups on Steam remember.

You gotta think outside the box dude
Rasher's picture
i think as Chimaera says, its something to advertise the game

I know we have loads of issues when a game don't have box art as all of our game review have the box art (top left hand side)
We end up having to make our own for the game

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