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Ubisoft Announces Rayman Origins

The original creator of Rayman, Michel Angel, started off the Ubisoft show with a new, cool looking cartoon style for Rayman Origins. From what we could see, the game featured some great side scrolling and there was 2 player co-op demoed on the screen. Both players look like it had some great controls as well as being fun to play around in the levels and providing some challenge to the gameplay.

The gameplay we saw took us through a multiple of levels, each containing some of the most colourful backgrounds we have seen all day. With wonderful backgrounds and colourful enemies it seems that Rayman has gone back to his great days and allowing us to simply fall in love with the gameplay they have to offer.

While we were watching these quick run-throughs of the levels the music sounded great, bringing back that old school feel of the platforming Rayman once again. With a little humour that has been injected into the game it looked like Rayman was back and ready to give us the proper platforming reboot in 2012. We were also told that there was up to four player co-op toward the end of the showing so this could have even more potential. 

Si^ | 6th June, 2011

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