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Call of Duty: Black Ops II PC Multiplayer Details Unveiled

With little over a month left until Call of Duty: Black Ops II is unleashed upon the gaming masses, developers Treyarch have outlined how multiplayer is to be implemented in the PC release.

The blog post, entitled "PC Online Security, Matchmaking and Server Intel" confirms that, as with the previous iterations, the Steamworks support will include anti-cheat protection via VAC. This outing however sees Treyarch taking a leaf out of Infinity Ward's book, and complimenting it with their own in-house tools.

Despite a promising start to the announcement, Treyarch subsequently continued the franchise's habit of shooting itself in the foot by stating that, whilst support is present for dedicated servers, not only will the server files not be released to the public, but all servers will be hosted and operated by Treyarch themselves. Some Game Server Providers are going to be rather unhappy!

Whilst a positive spin can be put on the news (removing third-party involvement in the server infrastructure will help reduce the risk of nefarious persons getting hold of the server code), it doesn't bode well for the game's future when the servers can potentially be shutdown with minimal warning when Activision deem fit.

It's not all doom and gloom however; on a more positive note, it would appear that public matchmaking will direct players to the dedicated servers in question, rather than resorting to the peer-to-peer connections of Modern Warfare 2 & 3.

Beanz | 1st October, 2012
Platinum's picture
Massive fail for em, at least Blops 1 had a lan mode albeit unranked.
Come on we need a COD 4 replacement shooter for lans!
Originally Posted by Platinum View Post
Come on we need a COD 4 replacement shooter for lans!
Just fall back to what we were playing before CoD4 - Insurgency, or more importantly, it's sequel
Platinum's picture
Ill support it if there is a lan mode!

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