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Diablo III: Now With Added Monster Power

Despite an initial frenzy of activity following its release back in May, interest in Diablo III appears to be on the decline. Whilst the game retains a strong following amongst hardcore fans, complaints regarding a lack of content, online connectivity requirement and a steep difficulty curve for Inferno mode have driven many players away.

With patch 1.0.5 on the horizon, developers Blizzard have announced their new Monster Power setting. While unlikely to draw any new players to the game, Monster Power is designed to allow players to ramp up the challenge beyond the basic four difficulty levels.

Starting at Monster Power 1, increasing to MP 10, monster health and damage will scale up, with corresponding improvements in loot and experience. The decision was made to increase monster health significantly more than damage to allow players to focus on damage dealing rather than mitigation. Sadists looking to player on Inferno MP10 can expect to encounter a 3400% increase in monster health and 370% increase in damage.

Check out the official blog for more details on how the new system will work and the full patch notes. And in case you were wondering; no, there is still no sign of the much fabled PVP mode.

Beanz | 14th October, 2012

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