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E3 2012: Mario + Mario With a Side of Mario

During Nintendo's E3 presentation, not one, not two, but three new Mario games were shown, with Super Mario Brothers U and New Super Mario Brothers 2 for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS respectively and Paper Mario Sticker Star, also for the 3DS.

First up was Super Mario Brothers U which, while similar to its predecessor on the Wii, featured uses for the new Wii U gamepad, including having a player strategically laying down blocks for other players. Also shown was communication integrated through the 'Main Street' where players could offer advice and show off their times for running through levels, with speed runs seemingly being encouraged.

wii u

New Super Mario Brothers 2 was up next, with the focus apparently all on the gold for the plumber this time, with numerous ways of collecting the gold coins shown, including using large enemies to collect them, items to increase the amounts of them and basically coins, coins, coins everywhere. It's safe to say the game will include coins. It's scheduled for release on August 19th in the US.


Last up for Mario was a new iteration in the beloved Paper Mario series; Sticker Stars, which keeps the same look of the older game but includes a new layer of depth with stickers to be found around the world. Not to serve as collectables, these stickers will actually be your battle commands, for example a sticker of a boot was shown to grant the stomping ability in battle. They are also promised to lead to secret areas and hidden items. Look for it to be released on the 3DS this holiday season. We're not sure which holiday, ask Nintendo.


In a similar vein, a new Luigi's Mansion was shown briefly, subtitled Dark Moon, featuring multiple mansions and a heavier emphasis on capturing ghosts and new puzzles, complete with interaction with the new Wii U pad.

Dead Alive | 5th June, 2012

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