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E3 2012: NintendoLand Revealed

In the closing segment of Nintendo's E3 show we were given a peek at planned Wii U launch title, NintendoLand. The features a theme park based around popular Nintendo products and characters.

The game will feature 12 separate attractions, of which 5 will be available to try at E3 based on Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, Animal Crossing: Sweet Bay, Luigi's Ghost Mansion, Donkey Kong's Crash Course and Takamara's Ninja Castle.


We were shown an in-depth analysis of a 5-player of Luigi's Ghost Mansion, which takes advantage of the Wii U Gamepad tablet to provide a unique multiplayer experience. In this , 4 players, presumably using traditional Wii Remote control, must work together to defeat a stronger ghost player, who uses the tablet controller.

We were shown how the 4-player team using the TV screen see a different picture from the ghost player. While they cannot see the ghost player, his view on the integrated Wii Gamepad touch screen reveals the location of all 4 players at any one time.

The goal of the 4 players is to work together to locate the ghost by sense using the controller rumble feature, which activates while the ghost is close. They then shine their flashlights on the ghost to drain his health, but must take care not to run out of batteries. The ghost player must avoid the players flashlights and attempt to sneak up on each player in turn to incapacitate them.

This demonstration really served to highlight the ability of the Wii Gamepad controller to provide each player with a distinct and different set of objectives and a different way to play whilst taking part an offline multi-player environment - described by Nintendo as 'asymmetric gameplay'.


We also saw a brief demonstration of Takamara's Ninja Castle, which functions like a traditional on rails shooting gallery with paper ninjas as the targets and the player earning points for smashing them with throwing stars..

In all, NintendoLand appears to be typical Nintendo mini-game fare, a game designed to attract casual players of all ages and an opportunity to showcase the new hardware and control systems utilised by the Wii U console.

Ewok | 5th June, 2012

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