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Empire: Total War: Gold Edition Moves To Mac

Feral Interactive today announced that the next installment of the critically acclaimed Total War series to be launched on the Mac will be Empire: Total War Gold Edition. Developed by The Creative Assembly and published by SEGA for Windows, the game will be released in the spring of this year.

Empire: Total War Gold Edition places the series’ prized elements of real-time tactics and turn-based strategy against the turbulent backdrop of the 18th century. Exploring grand themes such as the Industrial Revolution, America's struggle for independence, the race to control Asian trade routes, and the globalization of war on land and sea, the game charges players with the fortunes of a nation and challenges them to establish it as the world’s dominant power.

Players command entire fleets in real-time naval combat amid dynamic water and weather effects, where mastery of their vessels makes the difference between glorious victory and humiliating defeat. Ground warfare has also changed, with the arrival of gunpowder, muskets and accurate artillery. To triumph in this radically different environment, players must learn new formations and master new tactics. 

The Mac version of Empire: Total War Gold Edition comprises the base game Empire: Total War and all the game updates, improvements and downloadable content, including The Warpath Campaign, where players take command of one of five new Native American factions, defending their lands from invaders. It also includes four unit packs, the Special Forces Units and the Elite Units of the East, West and America.

Empire: Total War Gold Edition draws on rich historical source material to create a game with vast scope and astonishing depth.
- David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive

Pricing and system requirements for Empire: Total War Gold Edition for the Mac will be announced closer to the release date.

Kaostic | 9th February, 2012

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