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Final Fantasy VII PC Is Finally Re-Released

To celebrate the FINAL FANTASY franchise's 25th anniversary this classic title will be available exclusively on the Square Enix Store at a promotional price of €9.99 / £7.99*.

"We're really pleased to offer a downloadable PC version of the much loved FINAL FANTASY VII. It's a great chance for fans to re-live so many memorable moments and a great opportunity for players who have never played the title to experience why the game has had so much influence on the industry over the years" said Larry Sparks, Vice President – Brand.

This new downloadable version includes a range of new features such as a Character Booster that enables players to fully power up their character, cloud saves, and in-game achievements to encourage players to explore various facets of the game. For full details please visit http://finalfantasyVIIpc.com.

Released in 1997, FINAL FANTASY VII was critically acclaimed as the title that redefined the standard for role-playing games. Introducing the now infamous rivalry between Cloud and Sephiroth, it delivered an intricate and emotionally compelling storyline through cutting-edge pre-rendered cinematic cut-scenes, and set in a rich, diverse world. The game features an acclaimed collection of musical scores and intense 3D battles, and is regarded as one of the most significant entries in the FINAL FANTASY series, and one of the most innovative videogames of all time.

*This promotional price is available until September 12th 2012 only (Standard price: €12.99 / £9.99).

Wedgeh | 15th August, 2012
Angelfromabove's picture
Yeah, may be released, but cant ******* play it.

After 5 installs, I am stuck at putting my authentication code in. comes up with the attached picture time and time and ******* time again.

Support are as useful as a chocolate fireguard also....sent 2 emails, got one back and theyve told me to reinstall and my installation will be fixed...its not the ******* install thats the problem you idiots!!!!

So if anyone can fix/ knows of a fix to the above problem, please tell me before I chuck my ******* pc out the window.
Dead Alive's picture
Bah, looks like I'll stick to my discs afterall.
Angelfromabove's picture
At the moment, I would Kev.
Still not able to play this yet, email support has asked me for some details now and they are off the clock now so wont see a reply until tomorrow morning at least. Not overly impressed right now it has to be said.
Dead Alive's picture
I don't understand why it needs an activation anyway. It's old as ****, it's not online, and if it's to stop pikeys it's just not going to happen, if it hasn't already there'll be a way around it within a week.
Ex0dUs's picture
The Square Enix registration networks always been a horrific mess. Got lucky with FFXIV but FFXI still has issues creating accounts to this day. Something they have never ever been able to get right and never will :/
Angelfromabove's picture
I remember with painful memories the **** I had to go through to create my FFXI PlayOnline account...*shudder*

This still isnt resolved btw
Angelfromabove's picture
Thought I would come back and update this thread in case there was anyone looking to buy this but may have been put off by what I said.

Square Enix got back to me the next day and basically told me that there has been an issue with copies of the game that have been gifted. The authentication codes dont work correctly. SE, with no prompting to be fair just went ahead and gave me another authentication code, one of the direct from shop bought ones rather than the gifted ones and it works first time.

Im actually really enjoying this now that im in it. Got my xbox pad plugged in and am using that, much easier than using the standard Keyboard settings, which are a bit oddly placed.

Id heard loads about the music being the Midi files that were in the previous PC port and that this was bad, but I cant actually tell the difference? The music I have sounds just the the PS1 version but its been that long since I played that version that I could be wrong.

So yeah, dont let my innitial experience put you off, its a nice solid port and im having fun with it
Dead Alive's picture
I should bloody hope they'd give you a key without you asking. It's shocking enough they took that long to get back to you (or anyone who bought for someone) saying gift codes are essentially useless.

As for the music, it's god-awful in the old PC version, .midi's sound as if someone tinkered with the files over and over until it sounded horrible, which is bull****tery of the finest degree considering it was on PC and could have easily sounded better than console. This version I'm sure uses the PS1's .ogg files though, so it should sound as you remember it and not terrible.
Angelfromabove's picture
Oh yeah, id have gone ballistic if they didnt bother replacing it.
It was the general service center lackeys that took forever to reply and get it sorted. Once it was escalated to head office, it was solved in like 30 mins?

I had heard it was the Midi files in this version too, but it doesnt seem that way to me. They dont sound god awful so im happy either way tbh!
Dead Alive's picture
Urgh, apparently it still uses the .midi's. Maybe not noticeable if you haven't played in a while on PS1, but this should give you an indication of how bad it can sound:


It just sounds.. cheap. Original:


Myabe I'm just being picky as hell, but I always really hated the PC ports music.
Maggy's picture

is se owned by EA?
cos this is the **** they would try and pull.
Angelfromabove's picture
Now youve put them side by side, I can see the difference, but to me its kinda minimal.
I can live with it tbh. Although I fail to see why the original music isnt in there :S
I would like to say something after reading about your quams with the new release, 1 this is the exact same game that was released in 98, the only thing changed is the main .exe file and the launcher, it has been recompiled to work with newer pc's, 2 if you had a NICE Creative SounBlaster Sound Card and installed the Yamaha Soundsynth properly the game sounded WAY better than it did on the psx, the problem with the midi's wasn't actually the midi's it was the fact that most sound cards of the time couldn't properly reproduce the instruments used, 3 being as almost NONE of the game code was changed (other than the afore mentioned main executable file) almost all of the Mods that were made for the orig pc version of the game WORK very well with this one, which I will say look absolutely AMAZING on my 32' LCD at 1080p with 32xCSAA, it takes a little bit of work to import all of the files that you need to give the game actual high-res textures but if you love this game as much as I do it's completely worth it, I spent well over 1000 hours playing this on psx (still have the 9 memory cards, that's 15 saves each at atleast 99:99:99) and will probably play this one until i die, 4 if you want better music (ie the psx rips) they are not that hard to come by or convert if you have the orig psx game or are willing to take the time to look but there are also better versions out there, plus you can rename whatever music you want and just replace the ogg files to customize the game even more Check out the qhimm wiki and qhimm forum (I would post links but im not allowed to yet, but a quick google search of qhimm Final fantasy forum or qhimm Final fantasy wiki will be very easy) with many mods, I'm using the AC character mod and some of the updated backrounds right now. Enjoy people.
P.S. I'm not trying to hate on or bash anyone or any of your views this was just to enlighten you all a bit about a game that I personally Love, I just wish they would do a real overhaul to the game like it deserves, considering that it was their BEST selling game ever, it is also one of the best selling games on any system of all time (still continues to outsell most, just look at the psn re-release of the psx classic)

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