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Final Fantasy XIV Gets A New Trailer And A New Name

MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV had a very troubled start, with constant changes, rocky launch and being pulled from live status and the entire development team canned in favour of another team, it was clear that Square Enix we're never truly happy with how the game turned out.

However Square are back with their MMO, completely redeveloped from the ground up and have launched a trailer in the hopes of whetting the appetites of those who adopted the previous game in order for them to return to the title.

Now sporting the title of "A Realm Reborn" it seems quite an apt name with such heavy development work happening between the two versions of this game. Now it remains to be seen how this will effect those who purchased the game previously, if they'll get this for free or if they get shafted and have to shell out again from their wallets, though Square are keen to emphasise that once again they will be supporting PS3 along with PC just like their previous effort.

Keep an eye out for the release of this in the coming winter months.


Wedgeh | 26th July, 2012
Dead Alive's picture
If they've re-designed the whole thing hopefully it's a bit more fun looking (never actually played it myself) than it looked last time I saw it. I seen a preview clip before it was released and it showed a ranger character on a ship *very* slowly killing a single enemy in a mob. Just looked dull as sin, so I never bothered following it after that.

If it's been improved I'll give it a go, mind. I'm getting into MMO's these days past just TOR, and a Final Fantasy one that doesn't completely suck would be nice to have just to jump on whenever I felt the need.
Angelfromabove's picture
I got the collectors edition of this and played for the first free month.
It was just horribly broken, which is a shame as I could see the potential in it. The trailer looks interesting though and I think ill be chucking on a months gametime when this new version is released to have a go properly.

Despite its grindy as all **** nature, I loved FF11 so would be nice to be back having fun in a FF MMO again.

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