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Free DLC Coming For Mage Suicide Simulator, Magicka!

A brand new DLC pack has been released for Magicka, Paradox's insanely fun spell blasting adventure game.

The WOOT DLC see's you and your friends travelling to the land of Midgard to take place in a wizarding tournament which is only held every few years...does this sound familiar to any sporting event on Earth?


Whilst there, you will be able to compete in the 'Olympus Onslaught' which are PVP maps where the goal is to not only out survive each other, but to survive against the likes of the elemental roulette arena where things change constantly! Honestly, if our Olympic games included this, I think I personally would have been a lot more interested!

If you're done with blowing each other up with ARSE mines and healing meteors, you can band together and take on the Triathlon of Terror! Which sounds terrifying indeed, skating over fiery ice (don't ask me how!) and avoiding pits and monsters.

The full count of things included in the WOOT pack are as follows:

  • 4 new PvP maps
  • 3 new Challenge maps
  • 10 new Sporting Goods items, including dumbbells, water bottles, and the Elevennis Racket
  • New "Athletic Techniques" magick, including Performance Enchantment and the crowd-pleasing Wave
  • Waves upon waves of nasty creatures who hate teamwork, wizards, and robes
  • The satisfaction of not having spent any money

Now you may have noticed the bottom bullet point there, let me elaborate upon that.

Magicka WOOT is entirely free! Hooray! Nice shiny new content for you to play through, available to yourselves the next time you open your game for absolutely nothing! This pleases us at GameGrin!

Go forth and enjoy!


Angelfromabove | 9th August, 2012

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