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The Elder Scrolls Online E3 2012 Teaser Trailer

Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks have released a teaser trailer for upcoming MMORPG: The Elder Scrolls Online in time for the E3 2012 games conference. Not much is given away in this teaser but we are shown some characters, possibly representing example player characters that can be created in the game.


Rasher | 12th June, 2012
Dead Alive's picture
I'm still iffy on this whole thing considering it's going 3rd person. I know that shouldn't surprise me given it's a hotbar basher MMO, but still, won't really feel 'Elder Scrolls' without 1st person. Unless the 3rd person is unwieldy and you look like you've **** your pants when you run, then they've got the TES look nailed.

Still, I'll try it when it comes out. I want to go to Vivec again which is my favourite place in any TES game, and modding Morrowind to look nice and shiny is too much of a pain to do.
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I'll have to give this some consideration. I'm not a big MMO person, The Secret World will be my first. But.... it's Elder Scrolls.
Dead Alive's picture
I'll probably get it then use the no doubt free month they'll give then go back to Star Wars. As much as I love Elder Scrolls lore, SW > TES.
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Originally Posted by Dead Alive View Post
As much as I love Elder Scrolls lore, SW > TES.
Don't be daft. Elder Scrolls has magic powers, sword fighting and multiple races. Wheras Star Wars has..... oh, yeah....
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To be fair all The Old Republic has is differently coloured humans for 'races.'
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While Elder Scrolls has Lizardmen, Catpeople, Elves and Humans.

TES 1 - TOR 0
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I just had the most fun I've had on TOR tonight since the beta when it was all shiny and new to me. Heaving server, met a few nice folk and quested around Hoth for a couple of hours with them. Cracking time.

Just thought I'd throw than in there. Because just because. With my newly restored faith in TOR:

TOR 5 - TES 1 (for Vivec)

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