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8BitMMO Funding Goal Reached


Archive Entertainment is excited to announce that 8BitMMO has reached its funding goal. 8BitMMO is an indie construction sandbox game with over 75,000 registered players where users can build houses, castles, even entire cities in a retro-style massively multiplayer world.

The funding will allow the project to do some server upgrades in preparation of the public launch of the Desktop Edition of the game. The desktop edition is currently in private beta, and only available to backers.

8BitMMO's first stretch goal is a Mac port of the game. Raising an additional $600 will allow purchase of Mac hardware to port the Desktop Edition of the game to run natively on that platform.

More information on 8BitMMO's crowdsourced fundraiser is available at http://8BitMMO.net/mega. The fundraiser ends at the end of October.

Kaostic | 15th October, 2013

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