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Arcane Green Lantern Added To Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis - Green Latern

Meet Arcane Green Lantern - the newest Champion to be added to theInfinite Crisis roster! Get an early look via a brand new profile video before the Champion is added to the in-game line-up on September 16. Infinite Crisis is an upcoming multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) set in the legendary DC Multiverseand in development by Turbine.

Ever watchful of creatures from the Black, Arcane Green Lantern lights a path to victory through support and defense of his allies. Sir Harold Jordan, a highly distinguished member of the Order of Emerald Knights, was only a child when the Shadow League unleashed the Black. Monsters poured from the darkness to slay everyone in their path, including young Harold's family. If the famed Emerald Knight Alan Scott had not intervened, the boy would have also perished.

Raised by a legend among the Emerald Knights, Arcane Green Lantern is a shining beacon of strength and will upon any battlefield.

Kaostic | 9th September, 2013

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