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Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Information Announced

BatmanWarner Bros. Games have revealed an all new multiplayer segment for their upcoming Batman title, Arkham Origins. The game mode, titled Origins Online, is being developed by Brink developers, Splash Damage and will see two teams of goons battle it out with Batman and Robin looming over them.

The multiplayer takes a 3v3v2 format with Team Joker taking on Team Bane. These two teams will see the series’ first use of traditional third person shooter mechanics as the two teams fight over territory points in classic vertically styled Batman environments. The final two players take on the roles of Batman and Robin, who play more like their characters in the single player.

The two hero players will have the advantage of classic Batman gadgets like the grapnel gun and will also be able to use detective vision permanently, helping them to overcome the numerical advantage. Of course, the heroes don’t have an advantage so long as they work as a team. They do also have some abilities to help combat both the heroes and the enemy bad guys. They can also use detective vision, but only for a limited time, so if they want to survive they need to stick together and use this ability in turn.

The game mode will also include a ranking system with over 250 unlocks and abilities, as well as the ability to play as both Joker and Bane during standard play - which should help level the playing field a little. Batman Arkham Origins is set for release on October 25th, look out for more Batman news and previews here at GameGrin.

RGDfleet | 1st August, 2013
Kaostic's picture
This seems pretty interesting. I'm excited for it however, Brink wasn't exactly the best game around but it had some perks.
Rasher's picture
This is one multiplayer I would like to have a go at.Really looking forward to this now

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