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Civilization Online Revealed

UPDATE 9th Aug 2013 - Recent news indicates this may be a South Korean exclusive.

Civilization Online has been revealed, and not as a turn-based strategy game. No, it will instead be a MMORPG.

Players will control a single character in the civilization of their choice, and will influence their advancement through the ages in lots of different ways. Instead of classes, players can choose from careers and perform specfic roles in order to advance their society. They will be able to research and develop new technologies, construct buildings and architectural wonders, wage war, or even conduct espionage. 

Civilization Online will work with a sandbox system, letting players create unique content and be as creative as they like. Anything from weapons, clothing, transportation, and other equipment as well as helping place external decorations and buildings within the city will be down to the individuals playing.

Several civilizations will be in each game, which will only end when one of them either defeats the rest, or reaches the height of modern technology and space flight. They will be able to work with other civilizations in a friendly manner, or wage war and wipe them out, but will also need to stay organised to ensure success.

It definitely sounds like a big step away from the original series of games, but potentially an exciting one. We'll keep our eyes peeled for any new announcements on the subject and let you know when we do!

Emseypenguin | 8th August, 2013
RGDfleet's picture
So....A Civ game that's not an RTS. Whaaaaaaa?
Beanz's picture
Originally Posted by RGDfleet View Post
A Civ game that's not an RTS.
All of them then?
Kaostic's picture
Originally Posted by Beanz View Post
All of them then?
TBS then, jeez :P
Emseypenguin's picture
This looks awesome. If it's free to play, which for me is the only way I see it getting any sort of following I'll be picking it up for sure.

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