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Cloud's Buster Sword in Real Life?!

Cloud buster sword

That's right. Someone's gone and made a real life Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII. A real feat considering the sheer size and dimensions of this behemoth of a weapon. Watch the video here for the whole blacksmithing process, and watch until the end for some Metal Gear Rising-style slicing of everyday objects.

Sadly, it looks as though one of the most iconic video game weapons isn't going on sale due to the apparent arseache involved in the creation process. Frankly, I dread to think just how much Gil one of these would cost...

Watch the making of video below!

Roister Doister | 21st May, 2013
Sikopathic's picture
I was actually expected some sort of cardboard replica that some Cosplayer had made for MCM.

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