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Dragon Age 3 goes back to Multiple Races

One of the big differences between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II was the choice of main character.

The original game allowed players to select from a number of races as well as backgrounds, each with an individual backstory making for great replay value. The sequel took this away, placing you in the shoes of Hawke, a human, with the only choice being whether you wanted to play as a male or a female. 

This decision was highly criticised by fans who missed the variation that came with the different races, which actually had an effect on the entire game and how others would react to you, making each playthrough different.

It seems Bioware have taken this on board and are bringing back the racial choice for Dragon Age III: Inquisition which will no doubt please many fans of the series. Other things like customisable armour and more varied open environments are being implemented due to player feedback so it's good to know that the opinions of fans are being listened to.

What are your thoughts? Are you happy that mutiple races are coming back or did you prefer the format of Dragon Age II?

Emseypenguin | 7th August, 2013

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