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E3 - 2013 Coverage: FIFA 14

FIFA 14 has been inevitably revealed by EA. Love it or hate it, EA's hugely popular football franchise is back and comes with a load of new features which supposedly take advantage of Xbox One and PS4's next-gen technology.

fifa 2014

So what's new? The reveal was littered with terms and jargon that usually accompanies new FIFA games, terms like Pro Instinct, where players emulate real-life split-second instinctive touches on the ball, and Elite Technique which purports to make it seem like the player you are controlling acts and plays exactly like the real life player in question. Like previous incarnations, it'll probably make little to no difference as to whether or not you find it fun to run, shoot and score goals, which is really the only area about FIFA that matters.

Players act and react with four times more calculations per second, which in theory is impressive, but is unlikely to be something that you'll really notice during a match. But if it means that the hundredth game you play will be as unpredictable as the first then count me in.

Crowd influence and animations have been improved, and claim to drive the emotion of the game as you play. Their influence drives you on and can boost your players' abilities in the dying moments if you're losing an important game, and can make the difference between a win, lose or draw.

fifa 14 alt

Time will tell if FIFA 14 and all its new features are a real game changer, or just extra padding on an incorrigible franchise, but at the very least it'll have shiny new graphics for the next generation – who can't wait for Lionel Messi in super crisp HD?

FIFA 14 will be released on Xbox One and PS4 later this year, and undoubtedly on every single current-gen system.

Roister Doister | 10th June, 2013
Platinum's picture
Gief now!

Anything been said at all yet about what this exclusive UT content on the Xbox will be?
djd4ws0n's picture
You get to play with Messi's ball?
Roister Doister's picture
Nothing about Ultimate Team yet, though no doubt it'll be another way to free our wallets of cash. Messi's ball is playable in full HD, in fact all the balls are.

All the balls.

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