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E3 - Coverage: Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Exclusive

Capcom's Josh Bridge and Mike Jones took to the stage at Microsoft's E3 conference today to announce Dead Rising 3.

Whilst the games existence will come as little surprise to any fans of the series, the announcement that the threequel will be an Xbox One exclusive is sure to rustle a few feathers. It seems Capcom have taken the chance to re-invent the formula with the advent of a new console too, as Dead Rising 3 is to be the first in the series to be fully open world.

Not content with a revamp of the world structure, it seems we'll also be playing in the shoes of a new protagonist - Nick. The demo begins three days after a massive viral outbreak in Los Perdidas as we follow Nick's (who we can only assume is a mechanic, as he seems rather fond of wrenches) attempt to survive the horde.

The first thing you're likely to notice are the sheer amount of Zombies that appear on-screen at once. We're treated to the display as Nick shoulder barges his way through garden fences only to encounter a herd of the undead around every corner. The city itself looks huge, as Nick clambers up the side of a house to get a better view, you realise there aren't hundreds, but thousands of the brain enthusiasts littering the streets.

Nick crashes through a skylight and proceeds to confirm the inevitable - weapon crafting makes a return in DR3. Strapping a handgun and flashlight together, our protagonist makes his way back outside, muttering to himself that "that's the only way back". Although from what we've seen so far suggests DR3 will be fully open world, Nick's exclamation might imply the presence of linear sections.

DR3 may not look as beautiful as the other next-gen games Microsoft displayed, but it certainly looked leaps and bounds above its predecessors, and we assume this is to maximise the amount of undead that can be onscreen at one time.

The demo starts to close with Nick getting into a car and subsequently steamrolling through the mass of Zombies ahead. Vehicles seem key to survival, and Capcom confirm this, also adding that Zombies can clamber through the windows to attack you.

The demo culminates with Capco showing off DR3's smartglass integration. Using it, Nick calls in artillery support (yes, really) to clear his path, and in true Capcom style, the explosions that ensue are enough to blind the entire conference room.

Dead Rising 3 is launching this holiday season exclusively on the Xbox One, and as the Zombie fad shows no sign of abating, Microsoft have a potential killer exclusive on their hands. Stay tuned for more.

JoeP | 10th June, 2013
Fat Tony's picture
This actually looked extremely good; the lighting effects alone were just mind-blowing. I'm curious to know exactly how much of the town can be surprised. They repeatedly affirmed that it's a "large open world" but I'd be surprised if every house can be explored as shown. It'd be spectacular if so.

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