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E3's Halo 5 Trailer wasn't for Halo 5

So remember that epically mysterious video in E3 that surprised us all with an appearance from Masterchief at the end? The Halo 5 trailer right? Except it wasn’t.

Microsoft’s Vice President Phil Spencer has explained the video by confirming that it was indeed Masterchief, but it was more an announcement teasing a future Halo release, not specifically Halo 5.

Apparently this ambiguity was intentional, and the trailer was just supposed to announce that there will be a first-person shooter, Halo title coming in 2014. That’s it. Again, not Halo 5, sorry folks.

Emseypenguin | 30th June, 2013
Ewok's picture
So it's a Halo FPS, and the Master Chief is in it. They can call it what they like, but it's Halo 5 really...
Emseypenguin's picture
Apparently it might be a Halo 2 10th anniversary thing? Who cares? It's Halo, people are gonna buy it regardless!
Beanz's picture
Bet I won't
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Originally Posted by Emseypenguin View Post
Apparently it might be a Halo 2 10th anniversary thing?
Unless it's new, the whole walking through deserty bit in robes doesn't make any sense - as you never visit an environment like that in the previous Halo games.

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