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Europa Universalis IV - A Guide to Crushing Freedom

Europa Universailis IV

You can’t conquer the globe without crossing a few oceans, but Europa Universalis IV is ready to help you shape up before you ship out. Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio today delivered an inside look at the possibilities of exploration, colonization, and naval domination in their upcoming empire-building strategy game, Europa Universalis IV.

The age of exploration is a crucial turning point in world history, but what if things had gone a little differently? Some of the possibilities that can occur in Europa Universalis IV are discussed by Project Lead Thomas Johansson of Paradox Development Studio, providing players with a preview of the troubles faced by an expanding nation. The promise of new riches and resources may lure your empire overseas, but what happens when your colonists start getting ideas about your relationship? What will you do when religious dissidents start fleeing their homeland and populating your new holdings… and who are these upstarts claiming to be “founding fathers?” Can you crush their notions of independence, or will the colonies rise up and outshine your empire?

Strategy fans can prepare for the long road to conquest by pre-ordering Europa Universalis IV. Pre-orders come with several pieces of bonus DLC, including the newly revealed Purple Phoenix pack, and further items to be revealed in August.

Kaostic | 16th July, 2013

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