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Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta announced

The last and Open Beta dates for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn have been announced as August 17th to August 19th, before the early access launch for pre-orders on August 24th.

There are a number of rewards for players who subscribe at launch, and those who choose the 90-day subscription will receive all of them.

A companion app, Final Fantasy XIV: Libra Eorzea will be available a week after the game's retail release, which is 27th August.

After the initial 30-day trial that comes with each version, the subcriptions will start at £7.69 a month. 

Emseypenguin | 12th August, 2013
JoeP's picture
Actually really enjoyed this when I played the beta a few months back. It's good, but I'm not sure how well a subscription model is going to work in today's market.
Misterwoot's picture
I shall see you Gamegrinners in there on the day. Just giz a shout on the tweeters or googlez+ or even failbook or here and I'll run up and show off my legacy tag at you :P

Shame M$s "no cross platform multiplay" policy killed the 360 and XBone ports though.
Kaostic's picture
Forgetting it's a ff, is it a good mmo? Or mainly for the ff'ers?
Misterwoot's picture
Forgetting the whole Chocobos and White mages FFer angle it's a bloody decent MMO.

The engine is eye bleedingly lovely, the mechanics have been tweaked from its version 1.0 grindfest to something more approaching Guild Wars 2 in style and YoshiP and co have managed to throw this particular phoenix corpse into a fire just hot enough to get it breathing again.

The fact that they will be having a loyalty program where subscribers will get funky toys in game after each 30 day sub period also gives me hope.

The class system I love, the concept of switching between any of the classes you have learned just by changing what you have in your hand (e.g Pugilist fist weapons, to Miner by grabbing your pickaxe and smacking hell out of some metal then back to the fisticuffs for some wholesome mob slaughter) appeals, and when you take into account the fact that those items are in a seperate inventory bag not cluttering you up and causing the dreaded "inventory full!" message while killing things.

TLR - I reckon it's bloody good.
Misterwoot's picture
loving it loving it loving it. Limsa Lominsa is the City to start in. Town full of pirates

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