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Guardians of Middle-Earth Coming To PC

Guardians of Middle-Earth

Monolith Productions have announced that they will be bringing the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title, based off J.R.R Tolkien's writings, Guardians of Middle-earth to Steam on August 29th.

The port has been made available with the help of Zombie Studios, the developers behind Blacklight: Retribution and upcoming survival horror title Daylight.

The original version was launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 in December 2013 and featured five character classes: warrior, defender, striker, tactician and enchanter, all of which will be available to play on the PC version. Within these five classes, there are 36 different characters extracted straight from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. To begin with, players have access to a handful of these characters but the rest must be earned through playing the game.

Upon launch, the base game, which comes with six guardians and their alternative skins (usually sold seperately), will cost $19.99. There will be an ultimate Mithril Edition, which will include all 36 guardians, their alternate skins and a rare Mithril relic item, costing $79.99 overall. Six ad-hoc DLC bundles will also be available featuring five guardians, each with their skins, for $14.99 each. An item bundle featuring rare trasure item and in-game gold, the Smaug's Treasure pack, can be bought for $9.99.

Guardians of Middle-earth

To commemorate the game's launch on Steam, players who pre-order the Mithril Edition through Steam will get the game at 10% off, and those who pre-order a standard copy of the game will recieve the same discount along with the "Company of Dwarves" DLC character bundle featuring Thorin Oakenshield, Ori, Nori, Gloin and Kili (along with their alternative skins).

Guardians of Middle-earth will take advantage of a handful of Steamworks features such as Matchmaking, leaderboards and social links. Players can also use Steam's Big Picture functionality to play on a TV, if they wish.

Additionally, players who previously purchased the game on either Xbox Live or PlayStation Network prior to today are eligible to receive a free copy for PC. More information on claiming your PC code can be found here, under the "Console Owner Steam Redemption" heading.

The real question here is, will gamers fork over their hard earned cash for a MOBA, themed in the stylings of J.R.R Tolkien, or would they rather stick to the free-to-play versions such as League of Legends or DOTA 2?

Kaostic | 16th August, 2013

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